Your favourite podcasts will be available directly on Google results

If you are a podcast guy, this is great news for you. Google just recently announced that all of its podcasts on Google will be available in search results. Directly and individually. Your search for a particular topic with the name, Google will find it for you. If it finds something, the content will be available directly for play via voice assistants. Even using Google Home, Your favorite podcasts will be available directly on Google results.

How podcasts will be directly available?

To make the podcasts directly available, you will have to use it in the search results. Google will automatically recognize the word and search its indexes. There are different types of podcasts on google. This search scheme will get to work in a different way. It searches, first for the word “podcasts” and related to it. Then it goes for the input query about a topic. Say, you have to search for mobile applications’ podcasts. You can also search by “podcasts about mobile applications”. This will do the trick and bring up your podcasts right into the results, directly. Just click and play.

Google site indexing to be now used on Podcasts


To make better searches and fast results, Google will use the same indexing for podcasts too. As it will help the engine to bring up podcasts results faster, rather than anything else. Podcast authors who publish their audios daily with RSS feed will have a better advantage at it. Their shows get immediately indexed using the right queries and keywords used on content title.

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The engine already stacked up over thousands of shows, to the indexes with the right content. Google’s podcast manager Wedeen mentions that there will be specific selections of podcasts that get played more often. Those podcasts will appear first in the results as per search. These might even appear in the recommended and what to watch sections. Shows from a podcaster who has high popularity will also be treated with similar importance.

Google Assistants voice commands for direct podcasts


Using google’s assistant to play the podcasts is simple. You can directly get your favorite podcasts on google to play for you. The assistant will first, bring up the results, show you the options. It will even play randomly any podcast.  All you have to say is “Hey Google, play a podcast about mobile applications”. The feature will be rolling out soon to all of the android phones. The update is just being tested out for initial commands and complex queries.

Applications for google users

Mentioning google users, most probably podcast lovers will benefit highly from it. As search engines have improved highly providing all sorts of benefits on the spot. Now, that is available too, for podcasts. Filtering is even provided, as google never shows shitty results. Or useless content.

You love podcasts, get your favorite ones right in the search results. Google will now even play it for you. What more is needed by people? As now Google uses user data to check which podcasts on google is more appreciated by people. It might be appreciated by others. Even by you too.

Optimizations needed for better podcasts results


Well, Google just works by seeders and algorithms. These feed on data, nothing else. Electricity comes later though. But to make sure searches occur well, podcasters will have to optimize their content. Not contents exactly, but sub contents, which define the main content.

That includes title, keywords, SEO grade tweaking, tuning the title for relatable content. Google’s indexing algorithm works on this data. The better the keywords and Title, more users will reach to the podcasters content. Well, good content exists, people just don’t get to find it. As it has to be made available in the right manner.

Podcasters might have to optimize their content forcibly

This also squeezes out new problems. As content-wise, you don’t get to report your podcasts on google in the right manner as before. Now you will have to deal with SEO and keywords, rather than in the content. Of course, article writers and SEO experts will find a good way to use it to their advantage.

Since, if you are good at something, you are not supposed to do that for free. Charges might incur for expert podcasters, not finding good listeners. Plus, they won’t be able to get it in the right place, for the right people. Not until it is recognized by google.

Google will still try to show better podcasts


While altering algorithms is easy, when you know how to code in it. But manipulating it with data is next level hacking. Old podcasters won’t give a piece of thinking to it. Some might even not know. Those who knew about it will not leave a single stone unturned and use it to their benefits.

But eventually, Google will be the one who will be handling it. The google team mentioned as they will try to optimize the searches, with more authoritative podcasts content. Despite using SEO, users will receive better content as per their queries. If mostly nonrelative results pop up, the podcast team will be relying on google, to improve the searches.

Getting un-accurate information is normal on google, as it works with data without thinking. Keywords might be used wrongly to make un-related podcasts appear more on google. This can be highly misleading for podcasts on google and those who daily listen to it. Glad, the google team and podcast group will be dealing with it to make sure this doesn’t happen at all.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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