WhatsApp is bringing Ads in it’s status, Confirms by whatsapp VP

So, we are using WhatsApp in our mobile phones for many years. It was free till now. But recently According to India’s The Economic Times, it was found that the WhatsApp president Chris Daniels revealed that they are going to put Ads in “Status”.

Status” feature has come last year on WhatsApp and now most of the users started using it. Peoples are using this feature for posting photos, GIF, videos, text. Now, this feature has become the part of WhatsApp users.

Daniels told that they are ads between the status. This will be a primary monetization mode of a company and it will also increase there business. Daniels told this report in India New Delhi in one event.

Status is the version of Snapchat. The Facebook and Instagram consist quick post which will disappear after 24 hours. Snapchat has already applied for the ads which will show between the stories. But, Instagram does not have ads in their stories they allow brand and companies to show their ads between the stories these stories are the “paid partnership” or “sponsor“.

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On January Facebook has revealed that the Whatsapp has 1.5 billion monthly users. This service is free for all users till 2016. For now, Daniel did not say anything confirms related to ads when it will come. But there will be chances that the ads will come on WhatsApp Status by next year.

Facebook told that they are putting ads on WhatsApp now because till yet there was a co-founder of the company Brian Acton was not ready to put ads on messaging services which he created. But now when he left Facebook in 2017 they are putting ads now. In Forbes September they took Interview and Brian Acton explained why he was against the putting ads on messaging services he created.

So, this information of WhatsApp Status ads we get from the official source of WhatsApp that is WABInfo, for WhatsApp is building this feature on WhatsApp beta for testing but the ads will be invisible for users.

The WABInfo Tweet states that this ad will be in the Beta Version of 2.18.305. They are working on it and it is invisible for now but will come in future soon. So, the 1.3 billion peoples will soon see ads between the status and from now the WhatsApp will start their revenue from these ads. It means in future we have some extra time-consuming ads on WhatsApp also.

And According to Media, the Ads which will appear between the WhatsApp status were powered by Facebook and it will help users to participate in Business. It looks like Facebook is expanding there advertising platform like Google AdSense because they already started showing Ads on Facebook between the Videos of Facebook Pages.

Facebook purchase this WhatsApp four years before in $19 billion dollars. Now WhatsApp has 1.5 Billion users and Facebook has 2.3 Billion Users. Now for the next year 2019, they are targeting to put ads on WhatsApp, they started working on it. Till now the WhatsApp is Ad free.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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