What is Phishing attack and How to Avoid it?

So, many peoples on the Internet are got hacked. There are 44% peoples on the Internet on 2017 are the victims of cybercrime. The victims get hacked by hackers by the phishing attacks without knowing and their devices are helping hackers to prey on others computer. In the future, there will be chances that the algorithms will find the weakest link and then the hackers will exploit them to use other computers.

The hackers attacks on rich peoples and you are not safe online the hackers find some vulnerability on your device and then they can access your device. The hackers make a tricky mail and they send it to their victims to whom they want to hack and in that mail, they created one hyperlink which looks like it is useful for the victim and they click on it. That’s it after clicking on that link one file will start downloading on your computer which contains Malware which can access your computer without knowing by the user.


So, after accessing your computer the hackers can steal any information from your computer like your client’s file and then they can sell it in the black market. Sometimes these malware crash some online websites by which the peoples can’t access them or they crash bank website to steal your bank account information.

How You Can Avoid Phishing Attack?

1. Careful On What You Click


The hackers send mail on our mail id or if you find any link on social media or on Internet just check it. If these links are suspicious then they have some spelling errors like Netflix without “L” Netfix.com ( this is fake have spelling mistake).

So, it is better not to click on that link which you get in the mail. Do one thing, just open a new tab in your browser and then search that website by yourself, so you knew that you are going to the right website. It will be safe for you.

2. Install an Anti-virus Software


Make sure you installed any Anti-Virus Software on your computer which sometimes helps you from these type of hacking attacks. You can use some best anti-virus like McAfee, Norton Antivirus. Actually, these are paid anti-virus but if you don’t have money then you can use free antiviruses also. Yeah! they have some limit features but they will also your computer from getting hacked.

3. Store Less Online Than Offline


Most of the peoples are save their information on their computer like credit card details, bank account details etc. But the cybersecurity experts suggest that it is better to take the photo of that information and then take print out of it and then store that information offline in any Drawer or any secure place.

By doing this you do not need to worry if your computer got hacked by the hacker. You will be free because your personal information is in your drawer.

So, I hope you get the information about what is the Phishing attack and How you can avoid it.


Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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