What Happens When We Directly Power Off Window without Proper Shut Down?

Short InfoX- we human beings are too lazy and always try to do any work in a short time with a short energy. That’s why we directly plug out our pen drive from our computer or laptop without doing it safely remove. And sometimes when we have to Turn off our computer then because of our lazyness we directly switch OFF our computer from the switch board without doing it Shut Down. So, continue reading this article and I will talk about that, Whenever you do these things what are the damage it creates for you?

When we complete our work on our computer and then the time comes to remove the Pen drive. At that time to lazyness comes in our body and we thinks that. Can I click on safely remove or not? or can I directly remove that Pendrive. Because of this 2-3 minutes of process we become lazy and what we do. we directly switch off the computer power button, and we thinks that we have to do it OFF only and it will ON again when I will try. In most cases it works properly. But, sometimes it will damage your Computer.

Let’s discuss about when we turn off our computer at that time basically what processing happens in the system.


Guys, basic work is that. For example, when you are doing your homework, or reading any book. And now you have to Stop study. Then when we do Homework and after sometime we need to stop our work we folds pages or keep pen between it so that it will be easy to find upto which page I have completed my work. But now let’s assume that your friend call you for playing then you not fold the page and through the book and then fastly go outside. But, because not folding page after that when we again start our work. We can’t find up to where you have completed your work and it takes time to find it.


This same thing happen with your computer also. When you turn off it properly by doing shut down. It keeps his full files properly up to where he has competed that work. But if suddenly, you turn off it directly by switch board then it not saved the files up to where you computer has completed work. Because if this when we turn ON it. Then our computer takes much time to open because he takes time to find all files up to where it has completed work,  So must use UPS and always turn of your system properly.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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