Want Apple Card right now? Just use your iPhone

Apple introduced the mighty Apple card, which indeed is its credit card. Apple’s credit card. Just like banks have their cards. The smartphone brand did not just release a platinum card, it also released some plans of its own. While for now, the option for using or owning a card depends on you. As most of the users don’t have access to it yet. Only a few have got hold of the card. Well if you want Apple card right now? Just use your iPhone.

Although most of the users did not get the option yet, as Apple did not fully release it to the public. It’s beta type version just rolled out. And this is only making the craze. So far good for apple.

Apple’s new owned Apple card

IF you ask what is this apple card? You already know the answer. Its apple’s credit card, that will handle and help you to cater and manage your transactions. As it is completely owned by apple, it will have right away integrations the App Store. Just like Google pay does (aside, google pay works with every bank account, hope apple provides that too). It’s another way to use Apply Pay.


Keeping aside competitions, Apple’s card will be a very good option for keeping your money safe. As it involves a lot of safety (with bits verification). So it’s a way safer than just plugging your master cards anywhere. It also integrated with the Apple wallet, so no problem for you to make changes in the wallet itself.

How good will be the Apple card?

On the side of financial transactions and handling them, the Apple card will be your helping hand. It will let the users stay out of problems for management and safety. The card will handle these all out by itself. It has a lot of tools integrated too, for better management of tasks and transaction data. You can also track all of your expenses right away on your smartphone. (yeah, kind of life).

Payments extended with Apple card


Make sure your original bank credit card works properly. And you can keep it safe. Make sure not to lose it. Well, make it easy for yourself, Apple card will work just like your normal credit card. It includes places where previously the Apple pay did not work at all.

You can now live life happily with one time and one card payment option. That’s simple. The card does have any sort of identification or code number or even a normal expiration date. (Which on normal are the true details of credit cards).

The card is said to be storing some sort of information in the electronic form. This info will be the identity of the card, as who uses it (with verification). The information is stored in the card itself.

Offers with Apple card


As with android users, cashback is very common. Much common than apps themselves. Apple now has those with the card too. As you will be able to avail a lot of cash back on your purchases. Quite hard to believe, it has a peculiar, yet the profitable system of cashback.

The more you use the card, the more you will be rewarded with cashback. The minimum amount is 1% of your spending and the taxes altogether. Using the titanium card grants just 1% of the cash. While with Apple Pay, you get 2% of the cash. Daily.

Banks behind Apple card


While you may think, the bank might be of apple too, but it is not. A bank is required to do the honors and maintain the cards. Master cards being one of the most common, is also behind it.

But Goldman Sachs is that bank, behind the Apple card. And it’s issuing. The bank itself has never given any sort of consumer or user cards at all. Apple’s choices are peculiar indeed. The CEO of the bank thanked Apple for partnering with them, for this great job.

Steps to Apply for the card


Now, don’t get too excited. As in between the steps, you will face a situation, of your apple card option not appearing. If it happens, you are one of those customers who did not receive the apple card feature yet. Though you are an Apple user.

  1. Go to the Apple wallet. Start it.
  2. Click on the Plus icon on the above side of the screen.
  3. Find Payment cards, Then tap on Apple card. This is the situation that you should worry a little about. As only a limited number of customers have got this feature. If you don’t see the Apple card option, you did not get it yet. But you will, in this year. So cool down. And if you see it, that’s great. But do click on it.
  4. Click on continue.
  5. Enter all of the entries with your details as per the given. If you have already set the information, then click next. The form fillup will also prompt you to enter your income, the last 4 digits of your security number(that you already have). All of this will go to the Goldman Sachs site for verification.
  6. Then click on Accept Apple card if you feel everything is right. It will before show you your credit and fees aside remaining to be paid.
  7. Last, Click on continue.

You successfully have added the Apple card. Another prompt will tell you that your apple card has been added to your wallet, apple watch, and your Apple ID with safari Autofill. Now your Apple card is and will be the default option for payments online and offline.

Titanium card apply

You can also apply for the titanium card during your set up of the card. It will be available in your mail at a later period. Then you have to tap the NFC tag in the envelope with which the card has arrived. This will then activate the card automatically. That is simple and easy to try.

Apple does provide a lot of prices, but check this Apple planning to give free media content for device owners.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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