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Vaxinia:new cure for cancer?

  • Scientists have injected the first human patient with a new cancer killing virus
  • The treatment is called on voltaic virus therapy.
  • It  also increased the patient’s immune system for immunotherapy treatment

What is cancer?

Cancer is a deadly disease in which some of the body’s cell grow out of control and spread to other parts of the body. It can start anywhere in the human body creating abnormal or damaged cells which grow and multiply when they shouldn’t and form tumors or lumps of tissue .

Vaxinia as a possible cute

Recently scientists have injected a new trial medicine with a virus that can possibly kill cancer cells. This  virus is called CF33-hNIS, commonly called as Vaxinia. CF33-hNIS is a pox virus that goes from different cancer cells, multiplying itself inside of them. This make the cancer cell to burst and release many new copies. Then the immune system targets it including the cancer cells.

Now it is time to further enhance the power of immunotherapy, and we believe CF33-hNIS as the potential to improve outcomes for our patients in their battle with cancer” says Dr. Dana ng Li.

This trial is aiming 100 cancer patients across the US and Australia in approximately two years. The first patient was dosed on May 17 says cancer care clinic city of Hope which is in Los Angeles.

The first phase will include injecting the virus into people who have solid tumors and have undergone at least two previous types of treatment.

After taking care of safety, patients will be injected with both the virus and antibody (pen Berlioz man) to improve the immune system’s ability to fight cancer. “Our previous research demonstrated that on voltaic viruses can stimulate the immune system to respond to and kill cancer, as well as stimulate the immune system to be more responsive to other immunotherapeutic,” said Dr. Daneng Li, principal investigator and cancer research professor at City of Hope, in a press release.

The method

The treatment is called on voltaic virus therapy. In this a natural virus is genetically modified to enter cancer cells and duplicate itself. The cells are designed to not affect the healthy cells

According to Imogene Limited, a clinical  Cancer Research Company, this treatment also help to get good immune system against cancer.

The virus is injected directly into the tumor or into a vein. Yet until now the drug has only been tested on animals