‘We are worried’: Indians Optimist but Anxious as Vaccination Drive Begins

The Covid-19 case in India came from an Indian medical student studying in China who was from Kerela, and since then, covid has spread all across the country. India ranks second in the number of covid cases, with more than 10.5 million cases and more than 150,000 deaths. Since the start of covid 19, people have been yearning for a vaccine to protect them or make them immune against this virus. And now that yearn ended and vaccination drive begins in India. 

Central Drugs Standard Control Organization(CDSCO) has licence two vaccines for Indian citizens. India plans to vaccine 300 million people by the end of July or the first week of August. Two dry runs were also conducted in some parts of the country to understand how the procedures should go on and check the holes in the system, which can stop people’s smooth vaccination.

Even though Covid 19 has been almost a year that covid 19 has been around, and it has hampered many of our livelihoods and many other plans, and now when vaccination drive begins people are still a bit skeptical about taking the vaccine dose. We shall discuss the concerns of the people and the vaccination process.

The two vaccines are:


'We are worried': Indians Optimist but Anxious as Vaccination Drive Begins

Astra-Zeneca and Oxford University developed this vaccine. It is said to prevent 70% of people from getting infected in the global trial, and one dosage has an efficacy of 90%. With an interval of four weeks, the person has to take the vaccine in two dosages. 


'We are worried': Indians Optimist but Anxious as Vaccination Drive Begins

 There is no such precise data about the efficiency of the Covaxin that was indigenously developed by Bharat Biotech. The government has assured the people that there are no such reports of significant side effects. However, some experts have raised some doubts and eyebrows. There are two doses for this vaccine, and a person must take it with an interval of 4 weeks. 

Who will get vaccinated first?

Health workers: 

All the health workers in the country will be vaccinated first. This includes both private and government health workers. The health workers are divided into categories- Frontline health workers and ICDS workers, nurses and supervisors, medical officers, paramedic staff, and support staff and students.

Frontline and municipal workers: 

Followed by the health department, the frontline workers will get vaccinated, which include the state and central police department, armed forces, home guards, disaster management and civil defense organization, prison staff, municipal workers. Included in this phase will be workers associated with the state government, and ministries of defense will also be

Population above 50-60years of age: 

The third group will be divided into two categories of above 60 and 50-60 years of age.

Red zones:

The areas identified as red zones, meaning areas with high Covid 19 infection, will be given the next preference.

Remaining population:

After the priority list is vaccinated, the remaining people will then be vaccinated. 

Concerns of the common people about vaccination:

We had all been waiting for the vaccines to be developed to take our doses so that things could go back to just the way it was, but now after vaccination drive begins, there is a concern a bit of paranoia among the people regarding the vaccination  in India. The concerns are mainly about Covaxin and not Covishield, as the latter has completed all its trial phases and has an efficacy of 90%.

Whereas Covaxin has not completed its third phase, also known as the human trial phase, there is also insufficient data about the vaccine. The government has given assurance to the people about the safety of the vaccine and has told all the citizens not to listen to the misinformation being spread around. 

There is also a fear of side effects related to the vaccine. The vaccines do have some side effects. For instance, individuals might develop a mild fever and pain when injected with the vaccine. Covishield has other mild side effects like headache, fatigue, and nausea.

Mild side effects of Covaxin include pain and swelling where the vaccine is being injected. And similar side effects like that of Covishield, including sweating, dizziness, cold, and cough.  

Instructions have been given to the states to be ready to deal with any covid 19 vaccine side effects. Two days of vaccination have been completed, and there have been no such problems with side effects. 

People are instructed to stay in a chamber for 30 mins after getting vaccinated to overlook any side effects. There have been no deaths recorded in India because of the covid 19 vaccines from either Covaxin or Covishield. 

People are still skeptical about the vaccine developed by Bharat Biotech. And are asking to be vaccinated by Covishield only, but there is no vaccine choice. 

Who will not get vaccinated right now?

The health ministry has said that the vaccine is only for People above the age of 18. Pregnant and lactating women will not be vaccinated as they were not part of the vaccine clinical trial. 

What happens if you miss your shot?

If a person fails to turn up during their scheduled vaccination day in the vaccination center. They will not be given another date. They will have to wait till the end of the vaccination of all health workers. 


The covid 19 Vaccination drive begins in India. And vaccinations have been given to around 200,000 people, and there has been a good and positive mood around. People should not listen to the rumors and the misinformation that is being spread around regarding the vaccines. We should respect the dates of our vaccination and get ourselves vaccinated to make things better and safe.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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