The Recovery of a Burning Cargo Ship with Thousands of Cars Could Be Complicated by EV Batteries

  • The Lithium batteries complicate the recovery of the massive, abandoned cargo ship in the Atlantic Ocean. This ship contains thousands of Porsches, Volkswagens, Bentleys, and Lamborghinis.
  • About the water like everything is on fire for about five minutes as the ship burns from one end to another end. The one who owns the vessel is now planning to develop the recovery plan for this ship.
  • The fire could be another blow to Volkswagens as the supply chain disruptions are roiling the auto industry. 

The massive, abandoned cargo ship is burning from all the edges in the Atlantic with 3965 Volkswagens groups of cars on the board; the ship also contains the Porsches, Bentleys, and Lamborghinis. In the ship, there are different models of burning vehicles.

The cargo ship was heading from Germany to a port in Rhode Island when it got the distress singles on Wednesday morning, where it reports as the fire in one of its cargo decks.

According to a Portuguese Navy statement, successfully, the 22 crew members were evacuated and it didn’t need any medical attention as per the Statement released by the Portuguese Navy.

The ship’s owner is currently devising a strategy to reclaim the abandoned vessel. Towing boats are on their way from Gibraltar and the Netherlands and are expected to arrive at the ship’s location next week.

The incident caused different troubles in the development sectors for Volkswagen, hence it resulting in the staff shortage and chip shortage.

How Batteries Cause the Troubles?

The bunch of the burning lithium-ion batteries complicates the recovery of the massive abandoned cargo ship in the ocean. The batteries of an unknown number of electric vehicles have caught the fire abords the ship. Joao Meden, captain of the ship, talked about this.

The matter is unclear whether the batteries spark the fire. Experts also said that batteries fires would be needed to extinguish the blaze. It’s said that everything is on fire for about five minutes.

The Felicity Ace was on its way from Germany to a port in Rhode Island when it sent out a distress call Wednesday morning, reporting a fire on one of its cargo decks.

What have the Volkswagens said in the Statement?

The spokesperson of Volkswagens said, “We are aware of the incident that contains the third-party cargo ship transporting Volkswagens Group Vehicles” across the ocean. Also, the vessel was on its way to North America.

The best thing is that no one is injured in this fire. We have contacted the shipping firm to learn more about the event. Another argument came up as the global semiconductor shortage and the automakers disclosed that. Volkswagens supposes to slope up the manufacture in half of the years.

How many electric cars were lost in the fire?

There were around 1,100 Porsches and 189 Bentleys on board, as well as an indeterminate number of Audis. According to, the electric vehicles include the Audi E-tron Sportback’s. Total vehicles lost on the fire is likely to exceed $150 million. Hence the automakers declined to offer an estimate.

What are EV Batteries?

An electric car’s battery is a battery, also known as an EVB. It’s a battery used to power the electric motors of a battery electric vehicle (BEV) or hybrid electric vehicle (HEV). These are often rechargeable secondary batteries that are lithium-ion in nature.

Specific energy is the amount of energy obtained per unit mass or weight. The weight of the battery in an EV is a significant consideration because the vehicle must transport the battery. As a result, the battery should be as light as feasible.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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