SpaceX Starship Prototype SN8 Explodes while Landing after a Test Flight

We all know about famous entrepreneur Elon Musk, who is famous for achieving the impossible target every day. He is the Ceo of Tesla, SpaceX, etc. He is also the worlds second richest person with the overall worth of 127.9 billion dollars. We have always seen him in the news sometimes because of his achievement but sometimes because of his controversies also. Once again he is in the news but this time because of the explosion of SpaceX Starship prototype rocket which is a part of his Mars Mission.

So let’s discuss it in detail

Crash of Prototype

SpaceX Starship prototype SN8 explodes while landing after a test flight

On 9th December Space X rocket get exploded while it was landing after its launch from a rocket facility in Texas. This was a first attempt of SpaceX to launch the starship. First of all, let’s discuss SpaceX in brief. SpaceX is the first private aerospace and space transportation company. The founder of the company is Elon Musk, who founded this company in 2002. The main headquarter of the company is in Hawthrone, California. The company has an aim to set up a colony in mars by 2050. Musk is also planning to reuse the rocket to reduce the cost of the mission. In 2006 the company launched the first rocket Falcon1.
The rocket which was destroyed was a prototype for a SpaceX mars mission which will carry people and cargo to Mars in future. The flight aims to reach an altitude of 41,000 with the help of newly developed Raptor engines. But it gets blasted because the pressure of fuel header tank was low. The height of the rocket is around 118m, and it can carry around 1000 tons of weight to mars. They are using the falcon9 rocket, which is a reusable rocket.

Detailed information

When the SpaceX Starship prototype rocket is launched, it starts moving in the straight line. But at the time of landing one engine gets stopped and then the second engine also. After almost four minutes and 45-second same thing happen with the third engine, and the SpaceX Starship prototype rocket started coming down. But these engines get started just a second before the landing, but it hit the earth surface and get crashed. Elon musk takes this incident in a positive and says that they have collected all the data which is required for the mission mars. He also tweeted “Mars, here we come.
Nasa has already given 135 million dollars to SpaceX to develop a starship and also to do the research about is landing on the moon’s surface. Musk has recently received an award from German digital publishing group Axel Springer SE, and in his speech there he told that he is aiming to send people to mars within next four to six years.


Falcon9 is a rocket designed and manufactured by SpaceX. The main purpose of the rocket is to transport human and some machines to the earth orbit and its beyond also. The height is around 70m, and it has a diameter of 3.7m. The weight is around 55 lakh kg. The rocket can carry 4000kg of payload to Mars.

Mission Mars and Criticism

SpaceX is planning to send a human to Mars in March 2021. They are developing a rocket starship which they are going to use in the mission.
Hollywood film director Herzog thinks that the mission is not that much effective and useful. According to him, the mission was the rise and end of communism and fascism in the 20th century. He also tells that he is not against the mission, but to set up, a colony on mars is kind of childish, and it is also a mistake. He also added that there is no air and water on the mars and the solar wind there is also irresistible for the human being. It will basically fry the person.

Final note

Musk has a target to launch 48 rockets next year. We all know that Tesla is meeting big milestones every day. Even the mission was not successful, but SpaceX is one more step closer to the mars. Suppose if they will be able to reach there. It will be a significant milestone for space science and astronomy. It will encourage other agencies and countries for such missions.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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