SpaceX Requests People Around The World To Try Their Starlink Internet

The Starlink Internet is gaining a lot of traction and SpaceX is on their path to perfecting their system. If things go right, there won’t be any part of the world without an internet connection.

While we are sitting on our couch and enjoying our high-speed internet, there are various regions in the world which still don’t have any access to it.

Sometimes it has nothing to do with the economical status of the country. The geographical barriers and hard-to-reach terrains play a major role in this.

Regular internet operators find it very hard to reach these places. They also do not want to risk their profits over a less-populated area.

The History Of Starlink Internet

The History Of Starlink Internet

SpaceX deployed over half a thousand satellites into space over the years. They have one common mission which is to make the internet available for all.

These satellites circle the orbit forming a huge constellation around the earth. If you need a little fun fact, Starlink Satellites are the first ones to use krypton-based ion propulsion.

The efficient navigation system allows them to target specific areas with little to no internet connectivity.

Starlink not just wants everyone to have the internet, it also wants them to enjoy it at a very little price.

SpaceX worked on this for several years making them one of the best replacements for regular internet.

Initiation Of Beta Testing

After years of planning, Starlink Internet is finally in its testing phase. SpaceX is asking people around the world to register and beta-test their internet.

You can register through Starlink’s official site. All you need is to type in your email, zip code and country.

The company hasn’t revealed the exact dates for the testing. However, we can expect testing to start somewhere at the end of the coming summer.

There are various companies around the world like OneWeb who have similar goals. But they are nowhere close to what SpaceX has achieved.

The Mission Of Starlink

The Mission Of Starlink

SpaceX says that it is not here to compete against other ISPs. Elon Musk and the people over at SpaceX believes that access to the internet is not a luxury but a basic right.

Close to half the population around the world is still deprived of it. In its initial days, SpaceX promises nothing more than a gigabyte of network speed with a latency of 30ms.

Musk says that people don’t have to have any technical skills to secure a connection. “All you need to do is just point your device to the sky and connect,” says Elon Musk.


Even with all the efforts that SpaceX is making, there are various people around the world who find it disturbing.

People feel that the Starlink network is destroying the purity of the space. The light pollution that the solar panels are causing seems to be their major concern.

SpaceX took their review and added glare-reducing sheets over their panels. They also get designed in a way that they will never interfere or collide with another satellite in space.

The view of the beautiful night sky is one of the most treasured possessions of the human race. SpaceX hopes that it can get the best of both worlds.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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