Samsung foldable phone is here, officially “Galaxy Fold”

As we know that Samsung is the world’s Largest Phone maker and they have attracted everyone’s attention towards them. By bringing the most exciting Galaxy foldable Phone and which can be used as a tablet also by opening it. It is a hybrid type which had the best features ever than other mobiles of Samsung’s. It’s the most unique smartphone ever produced by Samsung’s. Samsung’s Foldable has changed the name to, “Samsung Galaxy Fold”

This will be the best ever phone of Samsung’s Galaxy Foldable will be the most interesting and unique mobile ever product.

The price rate of Galaxy foldable mobile is twice comparing to Galaxy Note 9. In The US, the Galaxy Fold will sell with AT and T and T-mobile Starting April 26. Galaxy Foldable is a luxury device for luxurious people to use it.

Having Two Sided Screens

The Galaxy fold has made up of two ways, The first screen is 4.6 inches outside of the device and it similarly looks like a book, and the second screen is a7.3 inch display which stretches from inside. The glasses are made very thin and very hard. The Screen glasses needed to be made of Infinity Flex Display thinner than any other mobiles display.

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Side edges and corning of the Foldable glass has been working on creating super thin glass that can bend, but still in development.

Locking Gears

Samsung has built a strong and heavy backbone of this device which is not easy to break. Samsung says that they have made a hinge system with having multiple interlocking gears in Galaxy Foldable.

Which are hidden at the rear casing of the device?

And it also has a switching mode which can be a switch to tablet mode or phone mode. there is a small gap between both the screens which makes it open from both sides. it’s not so complicated to operate. Samsung’s says that it’s able to fold at least 200,000 times. And a lot of work is done on folding.

It is having the latest Android software system. You can use 3 apps once in time without having any problem or lagging while using. It’s making easier to use big application. It looks very smooth in the software right now, but it will good if we say that the Galaxy Fold looks better when it’s is folded. Phone display is also designed in a clear manner so that to be used with one hand.


There are a total of six cameras placed around the Galaxy Foldable mobile which makes it more attractive for the users and for the customers. Three Cameras on the back side of the device, two on the inside and on the top of the cover.

There’s a 16- megapixel Ultra- wide camera, alongside 12 megapixel wide-angle and telephoto cameras at the rear, Cover Camera having 10-megapixel, and Front-Facing Cameras 10- megapixel, 8- megapixel depth camera. Through these, it’s clear that which are for good selfies and which for rear modes like, Landscapes, Portraits.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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