Earth-like Rogue Planet Remains the Dark and Mysterious in the Universe

All known planets revolving around a star. The Earth and all these planets are getting heat and light directly from that star. The light from this star makes us to visible in the planetary system. Some planets are not visible to human eyes and floating away which are not included in our universe family. These lone planets do not have any star to rotate, not receiving any light rays, and not getting a sufficient amount of heat energy. Like the size of the Earth, our Astronomers found a new planet which is mentioned as a rogue planet.

After the formation of a star, planets are made from the remaining pieces left in the universe. These planets will increase its size by attracting small particles when they rotate this new star with the orbit made up of a thin layer of gas and grains. Nucleus collision and pro-planets collision are common and complex things in this world.

The formation of new planets may cause severe destruction in the planetary system because of collision in clusters of stars where no stars are formed alone. It is a thought that the mars-sized body collides with each other to form our young Earth and it is enough for moon formation. The fate decided the dark future of some planets which are separated from our solar system and maintaining the cold distance between the stars. These rogue planets are free-floating bodies in the universe.

Still, the core of our young Earth is capable of serving radioactivity and gravitational force which spends 4.5 billion years in the universe and also maintaining warm nature. For example, we are capable of locating a young free-floating planet like Jupiter which is situated near Star. But before the arrival of the lens, it was too hard to discover the rogue planets which are away from the Sun.

Do you know about Gravitational lensing?

Earth-like Rogue Planet Remains the Dark and Mysterious in the Universe

The light may be deflected from a straight path when it passes through the mass object in the space. It results in the formation of an object that is amplified by a huge magnifying lens that focuses the light source from the behind object. This is mentioned as Gravitational lensing. In 1919, Einstein’s general theory of relativity proves this concept and it was first verified when seeing the illusion of stars had been displaced by their original position.

The large group of stars and the constellation of trillions of stars leads to the formation of gravitational lensing in the galaxies. In 2019, the observation of a black hole in a nearby massive galaxy named Messier proved this theory. A rogue planet which is small size and invisible celestial body is helping this type of object formation in gravitational lens or micro-lens.

OGLE-2016-BLG-1928, a new rogue planet that causes one of the microlensing events. In the dense inner regions of the Milky Way galaxy, the amplified light source comes from an unspectacular star that was visible to human eyes only for 42 minutes.

From that incident, it was concluded that the mass of this planet was nearly the size of our living planet and it was a relatively smaller object. It was found that this rogue planet was not associated with any of the stars in the universe. This is the most proven incident on comparing to the other cases. OGLE-2016-BLG-1928 is the smallest rogue planet discovered by scientists and it is similar to the size of the Earth.

Is it possible that Earth could change as a rogue planet?

Earth-like Rogue Planet Remains the Dark and Mysterious in the Universe

The interceptions of a large number of rogue planets in our galaxy develop many complicated questions in our minds. Is there a chance of extinction of any living species on these planets? Could our advance civilizations solve the mystery of a dark planet and an ice-aged planet without comparing it with the history of the Earth? Whether they are the creature of a non-biological living being or controlled by nuclear power?

This resembles a science fiction movie and can you find any chances that our Earth changes into a rogue planet? This is beyond our imagination. The rogue asteroid named Oumuamua and rogue comet named Borisov which are just crossed our solar system in a recent couple of years. It is impossible that a rogue planet would cross our solar system. However, it is not beyond nature.

Earth has been saved from the elimination of the solar system. But, Earth will have been a chance of becoming a rogue planet after four million years. The Earth will also be swallowed or thrown away by the aged Sun when it likes to expand and blast itself. Our planet may also face a similar situation to another rogue planet when our Sun loses its big size and turns to a small white ball. These cold planets are not completely separated from its star but it is too far from the warmth and brightness.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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