Space X is Going to Create a New Record For Rocket Reusability

SpaceX on Sunday announced that they are going to use the same rocket for the seventh time. Fir of all, let’s discuss SpaceX in brief. It is an American aerospace and space transportation service founded by entrepreneur Elon Musk in 2002. The headquarter of the company is in Hawthrone, California. The company’s main aim is to reduce the cost of space transportation for the mission of Mars colonization. Tesla is the first private company that sends their spacecraft to the international space station. In 2006 the company launch the first rocket Falcon1 that Create a New Record For Rocket Reusability.
Let me tell you something about Falcon9.

Falcon9 is a rocket designed and manufactured by SpaceX. It is mainly used in the transportation of people and payload to earth’s orbit and beyond. It is 70m high and has a diameter of 3.7m. The weight is around 55 lakh kg. It can carry 4000kg of payload to Mars.

Why is it so important?

Space X is Going to Create a New Record For Rocket Reusability

Elon musk declared the news on Twitter. It will launch on Monday at 9:34 pm from Air Force Station in Florida. After the launch, they will land the booster.

This will also set a record for landing the same booster for the seventh time. The step is very innovative because this will reduce the cost of launch by 75%. At present, the coat of Falcon9 is around 60 million dollars. This mission will act as an experiment for one of the most important missions of the company. The mission is to design a spacecraft to send people to Mars and bring them back to earth. This mission requires the technology of reusability of the rocket. The rocket is used six times between September 10, 2018, to August 18, 2020. Musk has also stated that Falcon9 can be used at least 100 times.

Mission Mars

Space X is Going to Create a New Record For Rocket Reusability

Musk has a plan to send a human to Mars in mid of 2020. He also plans to build a city on Mars by 2050. The company will use the starship rocket, which is currently under development.
Hollywood film director Herzog feels that the mission is a flaw in itself. He compared the mission to the rise and end of communism and fascism in the 20th century. The 21st century will soon end the “technological utopia like colonizing Mars,” he added. He cleared that he is not opposing the mission, but the long-term vision of Mars city is a mistake. In short, Mars is not a suitable place to live. There is no air and water on the surface of Mars. Herzog also said that the solar wind is also irresistible for a normal human being. It will basically fry the person.


Musk has faced this kind of criticism before also. In 2018, he had shown research that suggests a presence of water ice on Mars in the Korolev crater and tells that the planet “requires a warmup.” Till now, researchers have found more than 1.2 million cubic miles of water ice near the surface of Mars.

Researchers have also told about the effects of space radiation on Mars. Musk said in 2016 that it’ is”not that much deadly” and “not a big deal,” but previous studies of the International Space Station and Earth shows that time spent in space harm the health of the person. To solve this problem, in 2017, Musk has the idea of solar storm shelter, which will be present on the ships designed to double up as the first habitats. NASA scientists have also given an idea of a magnetic shield to protect against solar winds.

Final note

Musk has to make many changes for completing 48 launches next year. Tesla is meeting big milestones every day. The Rocket Reusability will directly reduce the cost of launching. This money can be used for other missions. Musk also stated that ULA is wasting the money of taxpayers because their rockets are not reusable. If the mission gets successful, the Falcon will reach close to the mark of double-digit reuse.
It will be a crucial milestone in the field of space science and astronomy. It will also set an example for other agencies and countries. Let’s hope for the best for SpaceX.


Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

  1. It’s an interesting idea about the reuse of rocket. It saves really much cost than a normal one. It would be a great invention for rocket science.

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