NASA’s Perseverance Rover To Land On Mars!

Finally, the day is here! NASA’s Perseverance Rover is all set to land on Mars. Looks like Elon Musk got a step closer to his dream – NASA’s success could mean a big win for us all.

After landing on an ancient dried up river delta on the surface of Mars to search for signs of life conducting some experiments and launch a drone helicopter.

For the first time ever, it will record the planet’s audio.

Perseverance’s Mars landing

NASA's Perseverance Rover To Land On Mars - Infomance

Although Perseverance Rover is all set to land on Mars today, we won’t be able to watch the footage until after a week.

Before actually landing on Mars’s surface, Perseverance rover will have to survive a 7-minutes journey through the thin atmosphere of the planet. During these seven minutes, Perseverance will lose all contact with Earth.

A system engineer at NASA, Gregorio Villar said that landing on Mars would be pretty difficult. Talking about landing on a dried river delta, Villar jokingly said, “Typically, we try to go to kind-of-safe spots, like very flat areas that are not too scary. But then that’s kind of boring for the scientists, right?”

Historic day for NASA

NASA's Perseverance Rover To Land On Mars - Infomance

This is not the first time landing on Mars has been attempted. So far, almost half of the Mars landings that the US attempted had failed.

Perseverance is NASA’s biggest and most sophisticated rover to ever reach close to the red planet. Many hopes, dreams and efforts have been spent on Perseverance in the last decade.

Villar says, “There are literally thousands of people over 10 years who worked on this.” Perseverance has tools to analyze the soil of the red planet in order to reveal traces of life long tie ago.

Let’s hope everything goes well. To know more about NASA’s Perseverance rover, watch out for our upcoming article!

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Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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