Top 10 Cool No-Cost Math Games for Kids

The name ‘math’ is enough to give a micro heart attack to everyone, including kids or adults. No matter whether you love or hate maths, there exists a fear of mathematics in every heart. But no more fear! Studies show that kids understand more while playing math games than conventional ways of teaching.

Top 10 Math Games for Kids

Here the list of 10 cool math games for kids will make maths learning in a visual and fun way that will stay in mind for a longer time and your kid will start falling for maths:

BBC School Radio—Maths (Ages 3-11)

Math games for kids

As we all know, the BBC never disappoints us; it always produces a wide range of learning materials for adults and children. Bbc school radio covers most of the subjects that kids read in primary school, including math.

There are various games in the app. There are five main games- counting songs, maths challenge, mega maths, etc. if there is a kid in your house who does not like maths, you will surely go for this app.

Grand Prix Multiplication (Ages 8-9)

There are various types of cool math games for kids available; grand Prix multiplication is one of them. The app ( probably you can say game) is divided into six main categories: add and subtract, money and time, shapes, etc.

All of the above games have ultra attractive graphics, which attracts your kids’ concentration towards it; it also contains a leaderboard where different students can compare their results.

Prodigy Math (Ages 6-14)


Prodigy math focuses on students of classes 4 to 8. The app contains various curriculum – aligned math games. It also includes multiple other contents for students of class 1 to 8. You don’t need to pay for creating an account.

Both parents and students can create accounts. As a parent, you can see your child progress, and as a student, you can practice sums here. If you want, you can go for a premium membership, which unlocks more games.

 Underwater Counting (Ages 2-5)

Underwater counting is an app for those who are going to start studying. The app has natural user interference, which allows your kids to learn quickly. The app works like an app that is designed in a learning way.

It will enable your kids to learn to count quickly. There is a diver in the game searching for hidden gold. If you answer ten questions right then, the diver reaches near the gold.

Khan Academy Kids (Ages 2-7)

Unlike other apps, it only does not cover maths. The app’s main motive is to teach small kids early literacy, reading, writing, language, and math. The game also teaches your kids in an effortless and exciting way.

This game has a lot of creativity that makes your ids easy to learn new concepts. The game also has plenty of tools for teachers and parents to see their kids progress.

One Step Equation (Ages 10-14)

The biggest fear of a math lover or math hater is algebra, but after using this app, you can learn algebra in a straightforward way. The user interference of the app is very easy.

The game revolves around a basketball match in which if you answer right, you will earn points. This game is free and offline; it is divided into two teams, so you can practice with your friends or siblings.

Math Venture (Ages 5-16)

Math Games for kids

A fun game by Coolmath Games site that is loved by a lot of kids across the globe. It asks the kids to move around a giant math universe while solving various questions.

The game can be beneficial for kids in practicing various ranges of equations and sums.

Number Conundrum Decimals (Ages 10-12)

It is another useful game for children from 10 to 12 years to develop an interest in mathematics. The players need to answer the questions of fractions and decimals and build a tower. The game directly improves the addition, subtraction, fractions, and decimals increase by providing an adequate chance to practice questions.

Math Games (Ages 3-14)

Math games are a series of games having various math games for kids that can be extremely helpful in building the initial mathematics concept of your child. The game is designed for children of pre-kindergarten up to 8th standard.

All the basic concepts of basic mathematics such as decimal, geometry, estimation, etc. will be available in the form of games. To play the game, you need to get its subscription for $3.75/month if you pay annually, which is worth it!

3D Shapes Ice Cream Attack (Ages 4-6)

Math games for kids

You can prefer a 3D Shapes Ice Cream attack for your kid to enhance his shapes and identify skills. In the game, the kid has to identify the various geometrical shapes and prevent the ice cream from getting melted by the heat of the sun.

The game is beneficial for beginners in learning, as visual learning is more impactful. Playing the game, your child will face no problem identifying the shapes, which will help him in classes. The games come as a part of the games platform.

In short, this game is beneficial for your child, so allow him to spend some time learning with fun!

Final Words

Here was Math Games for Kids that you can use to wipe out the fear of mathematics from your kid’s head. Do let us know in the comment section about the game that was helpful for your kid.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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