Login With Facebook or Login With Google- Is This Option Safe Or Not?

Short InfoX- we all use the Internet and you have visited many of the websites and you have created many user accounts in it. But, in many sites, you have to use the option where it was written that Login with Facebook or Login with Gmail. So, continue reading this article and I will tell you about these options are safe? If they are safe then how they work?

So, first, we will know about why we need these options? We all know that we can do too many things in this Online world. If we go to any website then we can edit any photo in a good way. If you go to any site then you can repair any document or if you go to any website then you can make Logo also. You can do many things on the Web. But here comes cache if you visit these types of the website then it tells you for Login. If we have an account then we can log in. But we did not have then there you will get the Sign Up option. Where you have to enter your name, email id, phone no., password, then one mail will come and you have to verify it… these types of things take too many times and we think that I have to use that site for once only then why I will take this much time for login?


Now one option comes for faster Login that is OAuth. with this OAuth, you can log in with your Facebook, Gmail accounts. Here Facebook and Google common because they think these are common accounts and every person have this account in today’s date. So, that’s why you get these two options on many sites. But, suppose you clicked on the button Login with Facebook, then in your browser, only one window will automatically open of Facebook. If you have already Logged in your FB account on the browser. Then it will open this simple page automatically. This pop-up tells that this site is requesting for accessing these details. Details may be your name, email id, your location, etc. some basics details.

After that, it is your decision that you will approve it or approve it not.


Now, the second thing comes is that. You can deselect some options that you don’t want to give to that site. Like, which friends you have in your account. If you once agree with these details then Facebook will redirect you to that site. Then that website gives one code to Facebook that’s proves that this site is genuine or approved site. After that Facebook gives token to that site and then that site will get the details that it want. Basically your lots of time was get saved by using this one-click method and that website got the information that they want from you.

Now the next question comes that is this option is safe or not?

Yes, this option is totally safe. Their is not a problem if you use login with Facebook or Login with Google. But, you must check these details by opening it manually that what details it wants.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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