ISRO’s Chandrayaan 2 launch: Everything you want to know

India’s second moon mission Chandrayaan 2 neared out to the great launch event. It got scheduled to launch on July 15. But a sudden technicality resulted in an abort of the mission. The engineers found a probable fault. Chandrayaan 2 is the second mission and success to the Chandrayaan 1. It went for scanning the outer surface of the moon for chemical content, minerals and geological purposes(via photos). Chandrayaan 2 promises to do something better. Mostly for the detection of fossil that might give us new information about our solar system. Get to know about ISRO’s Chandrayaan 2 launch: Everything you want to know here, in one place.

ISRO’s Chandrayaan 2 launching events and all 

Chandrayaan 2 launching events are still at stake. As the current schedule got aborted to a technical glitch that came up. Chief ISRO engineers had luckily found the problem before the launch could have taken off.
The primary date for launching was on Monday, July 15, 2019, at a time stance of 2:51 AM. It is currently heading for the moon. It would have reached the moon by a timely date of September 6, 2019.

Chandrayaan 2: India’s next moon mission for gathering solar information 

ISRO finalized chandrayaan 2 project and assumptions a few years ago. It got announced due to incredible success after completion of the Chandrayaan 1. It will be covering a staggering journey over 3,84,000 kilometers.
The main motive of the Chandrayaan 2 is to depict and detect any presence of fossil material. As the moon is the closet heavenly body to the earth. Thus it becomes a very good study material for scientists.
This might give us a ticket to gather knowledge about the older solar system. Apart from that, the project is also focused on a lively study of the ground material.
Chandrayaan 1 studies are still being slightly continued on similar grounds. Looks like it might continue by the second project. As detection and check for geological material, mostly water and ice will carry on. It will also scan for mineral content, temperature variances and photo geological matter.

What is Chandrayaan 2’s main focus? 

Chandrayaan’s 2 main focus is to gather information on the south polar region. This being the dark side of the moon, might hold highly important information. As the moon only shows us its one side, the other side remains to know.
The region said so, as sunlight reaches very low at this point. Due to the low temperature being the condition, mineral conditions vary. Structure mineral content will also vary opposed to the other side. Most probably, water in the form of ice might be available.
It has a lot of craters, hills and geological differences. These are mostly cold traps, investigating them might reveal some mysteries about the moon. The dark region can also several solar information materials.
This can be a key to unraveling more information about our solar system and universe. Most of the scientists believe it can help them to go into deep spaces. It can help India’s scientists to carve out long distances travel on their own, without foreign help.
This is a far technological level advancement. Future generation scientists, engineers will benefit from it very much. Explorers, learners may even unleash the secret knowledge of humans and the universe.
The ISRO’s Chandrayaan 2 launch: Everything you want to know has got confirmed. But a sudden abort showed up. The schedule has changed to keep up with the new diagnostics. Also, the current checking might take over 7-10 days.
As reported, the launch will be immediately resumed. But only, after proper check and review have completed.

Chandrayaan 2 space mission: Payload delivery 

The Chandrayaan 2 is to be taking a lot of payloads with itself, including the 3.85 Ton satellite. It will be carrying a Large Area Soft X-ray power Spectrometer. It will get used for studying mineral and element structure. Also, the composition of the moon’s surface will be in scans.
A new generation Infra-red Imaging spectrometer for mineral mapping aside water scans.
A Synthetic Aperture Radar L&S Band for polar region mapping. It will also detect and check for sub-water-ice presence. A higher resolution Orbiting Camera for super-high-resolution topography and mapping. It will also take thermo-Physical experiment equipment for surface experimentation and temperature measurements. Other tools and devices include Alpha Particle X-Ray Spectrometer. A new Laser-induced power Spectroscope for element research.

India’s first soft landing strategy will get fulfilled by Chandrayaan 2. 

While this seems a very tough achievement for technologically advanced countries. But India will be one for sure. Chandrayaan 2 supposed to soft-land the rover on the moon. But with this option for landing, this is a tough feat to achieve. The landing process consists of safely putting the rover on the ground surface of the moon. Before space missions with hard landings that are safe enough. This time, it is set to a different method.
As landing of a 6 wheel 3-ton rover with highly advanced and priced tools is not easy. It is not considered a safe job at all, considering the consequences. Those are some of the key points on ISRO’s Chandrayaan 2 launch: Everything you want to know.

How Chandrayaan 2 project is different from the Chandrayaan 1? 

A common question both are very much different. The first Chandrayaan mission was to just detect geological events, water presence. Also to find Chemical and mineral content residing on the moon. While the chandrayaan2 is mostly focused on the moon’s dark side. It might hold vital information about the moon itself. Aside from the wide opening, many space exploration info might open up.


Chandrayaan 2 project costs twice, around 978 crores for the whole project (140 Million). This is nearly half of the actual cost of Chandrayaan 1, only 540 Crore.
Although such prices included, it is still considered much efficient and budgeted than foreign space expeditions. Also, chandrayaan 2 spacecraft estimated to a weight of 3.85 Ton. That’s nearly 3 times the actual weight of the Chandrayaan 1 craft.


Chandrayaan 1 achieved the presence of water on the surface of the moon. This remains a great discovery, whilst Chadrayaan2’s mission is different. It still aims to get dibs on the south polar region of the moon. As this is the part, which remains unexplored.
Chandrayaan 2 also aims to be the first from India, to do a soft landing on the moon. This is a massive achievement already on par with America and China.
Chandrayaan 2 supposed to be making history if it completes its mission. As exploring the south polar region might carve out highly important material. It could hold highly important information related to space travel. Also long explorations, hidden anomalies and a lot more. As no other country did such research on the moon, India will be the first to do so. Currently, the launch scheme had aborted due to a newly profound technicality. But it will solve out soon. More details are to come up from ISRO’s Chandrayaan 2 launch: Everything you want to know.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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