Is Elon Musk The New Steve Jobs? Bill Gates Says No

In the world of entrepreneurship, the two big names, Elon Musk and Steve Jobs are in the news once again. The reason is simple: many people find similarities between the owners of Tesla Inc and Apple Inc, respectively. But the owner of Microsoft does not nod in an affirmation.

On Thursday, in an interview with Bloomberg, an interviewer asked if Musk was the new Job. On this, Bill Gates replied, “You wouldn’t walk into a room and confuse them with each other,”

“Elon is more of a hands-on engineer,” whereas “Steve was a genius at design and picking people and marketing.”

In recent years, Musk and other prominent entrepreneurs have focused a lot on the concept of electric cars. It happened due to deteriorating climatic conditions. The idea of electric vehicles is a climate change effort that will benefit the climate in the long run. Bill Gates acknowledged this in the interview.

The Story Behind This Statement?

Elon Musk

“On a relative basis, it is far easier than the industrial economy where our progress is very, very small.” Bill Gates said this speaking on the topic of the electric car market. Looking at the increasing need for such business, he mentioned this statement. He mentioned that he never focused on the need to increase the share market of car prices. He also said that electric cars are a far easier invention to deal with climatic problems.

All these questions came in that interview after he published a blog last month. In the blog, he wrote about the non-viability of all-electric options for heavy transportation.

Though he did not mention the names of Tesla or Elon Musk in the post, he does mention Rivian and Bollinger. The post also had the names of Ford Motor Company and General Motors Company.

How Did Musk Respond?

The questions did not stop only to Gates. People took to twitter to ask Musk about his opinions on Gates’ statement and post. Musk replied that he had no clue about all. He describes his first interaction with Gates as underwhelming.

In recent months the market shares of TESLA have surged, which has tripled Musk net worth.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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