iPhone Is No More Apple’s Mainstream Business

Well, Apple sells a lot of iPhones. There is no doubt about that. The sales grew to a good level in the previous years. As Apple did invest a lot of R&D while making the best of the mobile hardware in the history of smartphones. That brings out a clear selling point. As people want more power in their hands, if they can buy it for a couple of hundreds of dollars. While this is not the case in 2019. Since the iPhone is no more Apple’s mainstream business. But Apple seems to be not that worried about this matter at all.

iPhone is no more Apple’s mainstream business

While the drowning of the sales isn’t the best, it still does make the brand work. Apple does not sell iPhones alone anymore. It makes a lot of products that capture market share like anything. Macbooks are one of the best computers for engineering and designing. That is by storm true. Can’t deny that.

How low is Apple’s mainstream business?


Apple iPhone sales came down by rough 10%, from the last year. That’s just one product from Apple. While it sells a couple of more, which still gained widespread popularity due to high practicality. But does that mean Apple will come down? Nope. That won’t happen at all.

Similar level companies like Microsoft, Google seemed to be standing on the same grounds. Only with Google being the leader in the smartphone business with its Android world. While Microsoft ditched the mobile field, years ago. As it did its business at the time of Nokia’s partnership. But both companies are at their best with devices and technology, with the best of the R&D in their fields. No comparison.

Apple’s ecosystem vs mainstream business


Apple has a prior ecosystem to itself. This means Apple is not just recognized for its iPhone. It is known for its MacBooks, iPods, Air Pods, the potential filed Macintosh computers. Let’s say iPhone is doing its work OK. But not that great. iPhones might have been the best device for Apple’s great profits. As to say with that, who doesn’t love an iPhone. Who doesn’t want to have one? Everybody does. And the majority have.

Stiff competition

Apple did never find its iPhone business going to grounds. Not even after the introduction of Pixel phones, that offered the best of Android at just half the price. Well, who doesn’t love a pixel, this not Google’s image. As it did what it could have done to makes its device to the top. When competition arises, brands do make their choices for a better sale. Google did with nexus and pixels phones, priced down. Now they are back in a better game, the prices can see a top. That’s pure technique.

Apple’s mainstream business is its ecosystem business


Apple won’t be doing any of that. As it knows it has its ecosystem for profitable business for its incredible product line. Netbooks were common around in 2006 time-2007, where computers were light and portable. Apple was tempted to release one of its own.

Forget that, Apple now has its own Computer business with its Systems running under the hood. The business is way great than it can be, yields $24 Billion a year. The margins show up to a mere rate of 25-35% ground. On similar grounds, HP is said to be getting around $38 billion this year, for its all-around PC business.

Will Apple play the budget game?


iPhone sales dropped by 2.5% in the year. That is sad, as to what it provides rather than other companies (the best of everything). While other brands can be seen launching 20 times more phones, few every month. That is a proper line to keep it up to the competition. Apple won’t do that.

Rather it would keep its iPhones on the same grounds as they are already. No change in that for anything, not for revenue. As it believes its smartphones are worth the price, reducing it would be reducing their value. Of course, you can get an iPhone 5 till now on online shopping. But it won’t open up sales like Xiaomi or Samsung or One Plus. Well, the old iPhones are pretty cheap.

Apple’s Ecosystem is its mainstream business


While you might think, why don’ apple do something about iPhone sales drop. It won’t. Or clearly, it just simply won’t do it. As iPhone is no more Apple’s mainstream business, it has other devices to sell. Or show its power to make them change the world.

If you know Microsoft’s Windows and Surface, you should know Apple’s Macintosh and Mac Books. If you are familiar with google android, Apple does have iOS. That’s still a perfect operating system (provided it’s given the right hardware).

The true ecosystem of Apple


While the whole ecosystem of apple is like a pond. Everything depends on everything’s survival. The iPhone survives. So will Air Pods, iPods, watches. This in turn sales for more iPhones as connectivity matters. While on the Computers and PC, Mac books sell as they are required by the world. That sells Apple 4KTVs, HomePods. Connectivity strives, these starve for more iPhones and Mac books, thus these get high on sales. As all of the devices can be connected all together. An all-rounder Apple system, that does involve productivity.

Check this out, Apple is planning the global rollout of its streaming TV service in the first half of the next year.

Apple did not have an ecosystem at the time of its first entry. As that was something new to people. iPhones just rushed up to the smartphone. And within years, sales become tremendous. Apple saw a positivity with that, it induced its line of computers, headphones, and theatre grade devices. That made out a cool ecosystem to be experienced. As towards now, it does not feel to be thrived by iPhone sales.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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