5 In-demand Seasonal Jobs: That Pay More than $40 per hour

During the Covid-19 Pandemic, Many people lost their jobs, and the world economy has been on a severe downfall. People are looking for alternate jobs to increase their income and support their families and themselves. During the festive season, which starts from mid-October to December, many more job opportunities open up as big companies suffer from colossal pressure. This article will tell you what all in-demand seasonal jobs that are available during this festive season, which is decently paying and will wane off your woes and help you a bit in this time of crisis. So let’s begin exploring these five amazing In-demand Seasonal Jobs.

Retail Sales worker

5 In-demand Seasonal Jobs: That Pay More than $40 per hour

During this festive season, people often tend to shop a lot. Hence, retail stores face extreme workload, requiring a vast workforce to keep the work smooth and hassle-free. There are many retail stores in India, and most of them are big conglomerates, so they provide fair wages to their workers. Retail sales workers address customer needs by discovering and recommending products, answering questions, and processing payments. The job has fixed work, and work conditions are also good; this job also has an outstanding social reputation.

Warehouse worker

5 In-demand Seasonal Jobs: That Pay More than $40 per hour

The retail stores, whether online or offline, have to maintain enormous inventory during the festive season. Here comes the role of warehouse workers. They prepare orders by packing boxes and also ensures that they get shipped properly. They take a list of stock and do maintenance on equipment. Almost every industry nowadays needs warehouse workers. A warehouse worker may or may not be required to have expertise in warehouse vehicles’ handling and operation like forklifts or warehouse robots. Depending on the job requirements, salary will increase along with technical expertise. Many big e-commerce giants have huge warehouses that require a lot of workforces. Hence the demand for warehouse workers is always high. Still, the demand is considerably high during the festive season.


Industries work heavily on machines, and for industries to function properly, these industries require a lot of machines. Hence, their demands never go down. Meanwhile, this job requires a lot of expertise, and is not so easy to get one, but if one possesses the right technical knowledge, one can make a decent amount of money doing this job. The job of a Machinists to make, repair, or modify mechanical devices, maintain industrial machines, and run or control machines that manufacture parts and metal instruments. Given the rate of growth of industries in India, machinists will always be in demand.

General and operations managers

Each company requires a strong team of dynamic managers who command and make decisions appropriately. Many big companies and even small ones look for skilled managers to look over their day to day operations. Operations managers supervise day-to-day activities at their workplace and also ensures that staff is doing their required tasks, and their hiring, training, and terminating employees if necessary, leading meetings, and responding to the customer, and solve their service issues. Some of these positions may need previous related job experience.

Storage and distribution manager

As mentioned earlier, a company or any retail store requires a lot of cargo, including its products, merchandise, or even store hardware. All of this needs a lot of effort in logistics and transportation. Hence, many companies hire exceptional people to manage their storage and retail stores called storage and distribution managers. Some of these positions may need previous related job experience. Storage and distribution managers administer and manage employees, inventory, logistics, shipping, and customer orders. They oversee budgets, train staff, enforce health and safety protocols, and so on.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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