How To Find Songs Used In TikTok App

So this article is especially for TikTok lovers and to solve that one problem they often come across – to find songs used in TikTok.

We understand how frustrating it can get when one particular tune or part of the song gets stuck in your head and you can’t find it anywhere. Trust me, we know the pain you are going through.

So here we are to help you find that song you’ve been singing in your head for a long time. Google might not have been been able to help you out, but this article surely will.

So let’s go and find your song!



Shazam is one of the most beneficial apps out there to help you find songs used in TikTok or any other app. And it’s pretty easy to use.

So we start by installing Shazam, which is a music recognition app. You can download it for both Android and iPhone and create a free account on here.

And now comes the next step which is the fun part. You have to play that TikTok video either on loudspeaker or on any other phone and start Shazam to record the audio in order to identify it.

Shazam works by comparing the audio with its database and gives you all the information about the song. Within seconds, you will know the name of the song, its album, singers and other available details.

And guys, it works most of the time. So in case, you haven’t been able to find your song, make sure that your Internet has good speed and Shazam has recorded the audio well.

And what’s more, this app is totally free to use. So do make the most of it!



SoundHound, as the name suggests, is a fine beast in finding songs used in TikTok or any other app. It works at a lightning speed (figuratively) when it has to find the songs or any other audio it records.

It works very much like Shazam. That is, just play the audio and hit the SoundHound app on. It records the sound, matches it with its database and comes up with not only the lyrics, but also the video of the song.

And you know another cool thing about SoundHound? It will highlight the lyrics of the song that is playing in the real-time. That’s a plus now, isn’t it?

Also, it’s worth mentioning that SoundHound will require an in-app purchase after you install it. But the app is totally worth it.



Musixmatch is one more app in the list of those that will help you find songs used in TikTok or any other app.

Although the chances are slight that you won’t find your desired songs in either Shazam or SoundHound, we still have another option for you.

Musixmatch, an Italian music data company is your best bet when it comes to finding a regional or rare song. Why? Because Musixmatch boasts of having the largest catalogue of music lyrics available anywhere.

Musixmatch, being the largest platform of its kind have 73 million users worldwide with over 14 million different lyrics.

Using Musixmatch is pretty simple too. Just enter a few phrases of the song you know and search it. You may receive several songs but you can always play around with the phrases you’re putting in the search box. It is very similar to google search.

So in case you are suggested several songs, you will have to check out each one of them to find the song you were looking for.

And just like in Shazam and SoundHound, you will get complete details of the song. Also, Musixmatch can translate the lyrics in your choice of a foreign language.

And also, Musixmatch has both free and paid versions available.

So that’s all for now! Hope you find your favourite song soon and the torment ends for you.

Until next time!

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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