How to delete Google+ Account?

Google announced that they are closing the Google+ app by August 2019 after knowing that the 500,000 peoples data was leaked from 2015 and Mach 2018 due to some vulnerability.

The Reviews of Google+ is the part of there company project the Google fellow and Vice President of Engineering wrote in a blog post that, their engineering team worked too hard for building Google+ and they are building this app from too many years. But, it does not receive many customers and it has seen that the app has a limited user interaction with apps.

How You Can Download Your Google Plus Data

For downloading, your Google+ data which you post on Google+ or photos for downloading it you have to go to this Google’s Takeout.

Here you have to select Google+ and then click on Next button. After that, you have to select by how you want to receive your archive file by Email or they will save it to your Google Drive.

Delete Your Google+ Account

First of all sign in to your Google account via this link after signing in to your Google account follow the instructions. If you don’t see the Downgrade page and instead of it the Upgrade page is appearing then it means you have already deleted your Google+ account.

If you have Google+ app on your Android Phone- Delete it or Disable it

Google has told in there support website that the Google+ app can’t be deleted from some of the devices. But all the users can Disable it. For disabling or uninstalling the app you have to Go to your Mobile setting> Apps and Notifications>Select Google+> Uninstall it or (Disable it)

Now, you can’t restore your Google+ Data because you have deleted your Google+ account permanently. Now, you can tell bye to Google+.



Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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