How Elon Musk Got Into Programming?

In a recent speech by Elon Musk, he talked about how video games can make someone get into programming. Elon mask is the genius of these decades, that’s what people say. He is the SpaceX founder, Tesla CEO, Rocket scientist, Inventor and obviously, a multimillionaire.

The recent speech of Elon Musk


At the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) video game convention in Los Angeles, this month, Musk said something interesting. He addressed the impact of video games on his vision and the careers of engineers.

Musk said that perhaps the reason, he became interested in tech was video games. He added that he probably wouldn’t have started programming if it wasn’t for video games or wouldn’t have been as interested in computers and tech if it wasn’t for video games. Furthermore, he thinks video games are a very powerful force for getting young kids interested in the field of technology. Furthermore, video games have way bigger knock-on effects than anyone can realize.

In the recent speech of Elon Musk, he shared his childhood experience. He coded and published a space fighting game called “Blastar” at the age of 12. Later on trade publication, PC and Office Technology magazine bought it for $500. Musk also once worked at a gaming startup, he says “Which weirdly was called Rocket Science — fate loves irony”. And though had quite expensive recent birthdays, he once celebrated his birthday by asking for a life-size statue of Vault Boy. Its the fictional character from video game Fallout.

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Why Video Game makes a person a better programmer


In the recent speech of Elon Musk, he has explained why Video games are important for being a good programmer.

He says, many of the best software engineers are at, or spent much of their career at, video game companies. Furthermore, emphasizing how problem-solving in video games transfers over to problem-solving in software engineering. He added that, if people try to create incredibly realistic graphics using very little computation power, it will be a hard problem. Consequently, a lot of people had to write tight code and come up with really clever ideas to overcome the constraints.

Musk also shared that, If they are interviewing someone for a software engineering role at Tesla or SpaceX, they ask ‘How’d you start programming?’.

The enhanced graphics in video games helps engineers to simulate self-driving cars with the help of artificial intelligence. He tasks his simulation team with creating a photorealistic world of what he says are some of the most boring things: skid marks on the road, concrete curves, shadows, and faded street lines. Such simulations are essential for the development of autopilot cars. autopilot cars are scheduled for a full rollout next year.

Tesla pickup truck


In the recent speech of Elon Musk, he also talked about the Tesla pickup truck. He credits Cyberpunk- a video game as well as the movie “Blade Runner” for the inspiration for the Tesla pickup truck.

He says the truck doesn’t look like a normal car, it looks like it should not be on the roads, and it seems like it came out of a movie or something, furthermore, It won’t appeal to everyone, but it’ll be something which will be different.

Musk announced the addition of video games in the Tesla vehicles. Consequently, drivers can play a game on the car’s center screen while docked at a charging station. Besides, he also hinted at developing games for his space capsules going to Mars.

In the recent speech of Elon Musk also said, his experience is if you’re trying to figure out what others love, but you don’t love it, it’s really hard to make that great. he added, when you work on something, if you fall in love with it, that’s a good sign and then don’t worry about if others do. If you do, others will.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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