FaceApp’s Artificial Intelligence Reunites Missing Child To Her Parents

Technology is has become highly extreme in its path. First, it was the generation of computers. Now it is of the Self-aware computers that can do anything mostly out of the league of humans. This is the point where human beings have lost to technology. And so did the FaceApp’s Artificial Intelligence. The popular FaceApp in Android has gone viral with its extensive AI applications. It changes faces from young to old. The app includes some serious Neural networking. And recently it helped to find someone’s lost daughter. As FaceApp’s Artificial Intelligence reunites missing child to his parents.

FaceApp’s Artificial Intelligence reunites missing child to his parents

FaceApp is an amazing app that converts your image to its old self. Like a photo of a person. And this helped the cops in China to discover a lost child taken from his parents. The policemen in china thought of using the AI tech to do something different. Well AI can do a lot of things. Also check this, Facebook’s poker-playing AI can beat professional poker players.
They got hold of the AI for their use. It helped them by transforming an image of a 2 years baby to a grown person. This is how FaceApp’s Artificial Intelligence reunites missing child to his parents. This became a miracle for a couple who lost their son years ago.

How did the cops accomplish this


The cops used Technology to transform the photo. And with the help of  Tencent services to circulate it over piles of photos. They were hoping to find a match for the transformed output. And they did. The photo from the app got a match as they looked for it.

Yu Weifeng

It was Yu Weifeng, who got lost from his parents when he was 2 years old. He met his biological parents after 18 years, right after this miracle happened. The viral video footage from the media showed how he hugged his parents with joy and happiness.

FaceApp’s Artificial Intelligence finds the lost boy

The policemen head of a long old case of a lost boy. They opened it up and started investigating right then. The policemen in the department got this weird idea of using FaceApp technology. Just to find the boy’s parents. They were able to find out how the small boy would like in his teen years. The output came out randomly, but still, they used it for a match. And via this FaceApp’s  Artificial Intelligence reunites missing child to his parents.

The policemen luckily found a match that matched


Luckily the policeman found a probable match. Well, the internet does has a large pile of data. That’s a plus point. They spend for near 2 months searching through hundreds of candidates from schools. A match came out with the same face, whose name was Weifeng. He studied in the same provincial Capital institute.
The media got hold of the investigator policeman named Zheng Zhenhai. He said that the kid did not believe that he got kidnapped in his childhood. But when the cop got the data from the DNA match, it was as expected as usual. He was the match for his actual and biological parents.

FaceApp’s Artificial Intelligence

Weifeng lost his father in his childhood as he was playing by the construction site. His father worked on the site as a worker supervisor. He suddenly got terrified as he was not able to find weifeng anywhere after looking long. The date that reported as 6th May in the year 2001. That long until FaceApp’s Artificial Intelligence reunites missing child to his parents. As Yu Weifeng. The tech in the app made the impossible possible.

Yu Weifeng’s Adoptive parents

Yu weifeng grew up with his adoptive parents from them. His adoptive parents found him on the road, roaming around. They brought him in and treated him as their child. Yes, they took care of him from then till now. He got named Li as the family name of his adoptive parents too.

The investigator also told that they would have found the boy. But the technology at that time was very limited and old grade. They searched almost everywhere from traffic footages, on railways and airports too. The specific surveillance footage was very well checked. But nothing came out.

After the reunion, Weifeng’s father thanked his child’s adoptive parents. He further thanked them for raising their boy for all these years. They even declared weifeng’s foster father as his father’s brother. Technically, his own family. He ended by saying that from now, his son will have two fathers instead.

Yu’s parents thanked his foster parents

Apart from all, the policemen received a lot of praise for the correct use of brilliant technology. It did a miracle for finding out a couple’s lost child. The policemen also found out a lot of such reports of missing.
The media got to hold most of the information as it laid out by the police. While Yu’s parents were very happy finding back their son after 18 long years. Top of the news, FaceApp’s  Artificial Intelligence reunites missing child to his parents by Neural network aided transformations. The app that received a lot of criticism on the internet finally did something good. Too good to be true. And That’s huge.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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