Everybody Will Get Micro-Chipped One Day

Technology is expanding at a fast rate. And one of the key grounds on which it is excelling is humans. From mechanical augmented body parts, to now chips. Not chips outside the body for just tracking the vitals. But for everything at stake. Microchips can get implanted into human beings. It will start in the near end of the century, as not now. But it will. Tech companies assume it to take a better idea to keep track of employees. Whatever, everybody will get micro-chipped one day eventually.

Everybody Will Get Micro-chipped One Day

Work in Technological and innovation industries have been always changing. The real innovators don’t even care about that. The good ones care about increasing performance. While the real ones think both aside saving the earth. That’s one advantage. But chips? In the flesh body? Not that crazy as it was with Automatic computers.

How Microchips Might Appear


As people are familiar with technology. It gets bigger and more advanced under the hood. But will everybody have chips in them? It might be. Most technologists and innovators assume it will be common in the next 40-50 years. Some already started it innovating to the roots. But it won’t be cool getting everyone micro-chipped.

Getting Micro-chipped Is Way Far Away

Noelle Chesley, Professor in the field of Sociology at Wisconsin-Milwaukee made an interesting comment. He insisted that the chipping might not be in these years. But it will in the later generations. Gene Munster commented that microchipping is still years away, 50 or even more.

He added that technical companies might or might not chip everyone. Innovative companies like Tesla, Microsoft, google won’t get anyone micro-chipped at all. As it values its employees. Also, the technique of getting a micro-chipped is not a cheap method.

So forget it. Although some highly technological people working in such companies might. As they care about technology too much, they would love to induce it in themselves. But big conglomerates and brands will not take them seriously.

Will Micro-Chips Provide Any Sort Of Enhancements?


You might have seen it in the Sci-Fi movies and series. As chips give a lot of power to the human body. While that it seemed true in the fiction world, it’s so not in reality. Those chips as programmed to enhance body performance (still fiction).

It is still not clear even if that sort of enhancement is possible. Check this out, Elon Musk’s Neuralink And The Advanced Brain-Machine Interfaces. But first level chips that will get micro-chipped, won’t do those. At all. You can relieve that. As it will be keeping track of yourself to other parties. That’s all.

Who Developed Micro-Chipped Chips?

Three Square Market has been developing chips for a long time. They mostly brought in the idea of microchips. But only to just spice up the business a bit. Gene Munster told that the company threw a stunt to popularize its products.

The trick even worked, that made headlines of the news. While it is innovating a little similar to IoT, it would like you to do so.

Do Microchips Have Positive Benefits?


Getting micro-chipped would lend you lots of benefits. As you will be able to wave at devices, to make them work. Not exactly how the Google Soli wave gesture does it. But near. You can make coffee, turn on the TV, washing machines, mostly your AC with this. Just a chip inside your body and you are a real Scarlet witch. It is only the tip of the silver cloud.

Is GPS Tracking Micro-chipped Into Chips?

Well, whoever must have heard of it, might have this idea. Your chip that will get micro-chipped won’t be a GPS tracker. That’s continuous power draw. It won’t even come with a battery. And technology did not get that level to invent such cells to perform for a year. (Although, lithium halide cells in pacemakers runs for 10-12 years).

But that is just a single task. Since everybody will get microchipped, but they don’t have to get tracked. A micro-chip just won’t have one to do. It will have many other features. But GPS is not one of them.


GPS might be fatal

It’s feared for tracking. As tracking via GPS is very easy. Your smartphone can even do that. The chip can just transfer the data to the mobile. As they can monitor where you are going.

Although this is helpful to keep pets near to us. Or find them when lost nearby. GPS chips have always come to use to find lost pets. That’s one good application of getting micro-chipped.

Is Getting Micro-chipped Cheap?


Many microchip companies had already done it. Exactly what you thought after half a century would accomplish. BioHax in Sweden insisted that around 3000 customers had embedded chips in them. It was to do a lot of tasks, including riding public trains. Dangerous Things (a Seattle farm) had to sell thousands of chips online.

There was an installation cost totaling $200. (that’s cheap). Founder Amal Graafstra commented something else. As getting micro-chipped has become a small part of the culture. It will get common with time, like body art, sexual operations, and piercings.

While she also made it clear, that once started, micro-chips will be familiar. More and more than you can even imagine. Everybody will be at it, just like smartphones. 10 years before nobody cared. 10 years later, everyone has it. Sort of it will be like getting micro-chipped. YES, that’s the reality.

How Many People Will Get Micro-chipped?

Well, the majority of people won’t do it. No, not at all. This is what researcher Alec Levenson believes. As Chesley still believes, new workforces might endure it. They will eventually adapt to it being micro-chipped. As everybody wants to be a team player. One won’t if he ain’t chipped. That’s how work will go in the coming generation.

While Brian Allen is trying to outlaw the micro-chipped custom culture to earth. As he believes that no one enforces tech onto someone just like that. If the staff is good at work, he can be without micro-chipped. Either you get one or resign. This is something we can expect in the future.


Are Microchips Good?

32M or Three Square Market received a lot of negativity on this issue. As some advocates completely find it useless. They showed their hatred of micro-chipped culture as highly unnecessary.

And even useless. Amy Cesari, the minister in Hager, requested chipped employees to remove them at once. She mentioned Jesus being a pure soul of flesh and blood, why we are going to be different. As he once lived within us.

Getting micro-chipped will not change the world. As suspiciously, tracking will go on. As it is now, with smartphones and computers. You don’t know it or see it doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. But it still does. While chips might become a better way to do it. As Chesley says, everybody will get microchipped one day. Everybody will get used to it. Be it wearable or implantation device. Smartphones are far less no different than chips. As they connect to our lives.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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