Elon Musk shared his six secret tips to success in a leaked email to Twitter employees

  • In a leaked email shared to various companies under his wing, Elon Musk is noted sharing his secret tips for success.
  • Although recently in the news for his bizarre takeover of Twitter, Musk is a very successful and hardworking man.
  • He shared six tips and while they seem golden from the outside the reality of applying them is still a risky experiment.

The CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, Elon Musk, is one of the hardest-working people on this Earth. While the richest man in the world is always in the news due to some infamous reason or the other, recently he is in plaguing global media due to his controversial decisions on Twitter.

While Musk may have bought Twitter after months of speculation and even a temporary halt along the journey, his decisions as CEO which include reviving accounts for disgraced ex-president Donald Trump and firing nearly 50 percent of Twitter’s global workforce have made him very unpopular.

Still, the backlash surrounding his decisions after acquiring Twitter can never deny the workload he takes on. So when Elon Musk talks about productivity tips it’s natural that one listens and pays attention.

Musk has reportedly sent an email to his employees at Twitter which has six specific tips regarding increasing productivity. It’s been reported that Musk has also sent such emails to his employees at both Tesla and SpaceX.

The email which has been leaked on social media over the last week can’t definitely leave one complaining as Musk’s tips can be really helpful.

The 6 tips are as follows

1. Avoiding Large Meetings 

Contrary to popular belief a large meeting is actually derogatory and negative as far as productivity is concerned.

This is very natural as studies show that even while studying the graph of concentration starts going downhill after the first 30 minutes.

Any sustained mentally exhausting activity that is done for a long time will see a falling graph and that’s why breaks are so important.

2. Getting rid of frequent meetings 

Musk has said that frequent meetings should be dropped at once unless the agenda is extremely urgent and important.

3. Walk out of meetings if you’re not adding value 

Musk has said that walking out of a meeting isn’t rude at all. In fact, if one stays despite not adding to it positively and wastes the other person’s time who is putting in his effort that is a rude gesture. As a result, he instructed his employees to walk off a meeting or a call to which one isn’t adding something in a positive manner.

4. Not using jargon 

The use of jargon or acronyms and short forms for objects, software or processes has been prohibited by Musk.

He specified that anything that blocks communication and causes hindrance should be avoided as one should not have to learn a glossary to understand what is being said to him in his companies.

5. Communicating directly 

Musk believes in getting work done fast and efficiently. He has said that one should communicate via the shortest route and not by the chain of command which slows the process down by miles.

Musk also said that any manager who tried to enforce the chain of command will not be a part of his organization.

A major root of issues is poor communication. Musk wants to create an atmosphere where communication is free-flowing at all levels. He believes in making the right thing happen and a way to do that is to make communication fluid and fast between different departments and levels

While Musk’s tips do sound philanthropic and golden, how well they sit with employers around the world including Musk himself when he witnesses employees walking out of meetings would be great to watch.

6. Follow logic not rules 

The CEO of Twitter believes that common sense should always be the primary guide and not company rules. If rules become an obstruction and slow work down then the employees can go around them to get work done faster and more efficiently.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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