Cryptojacking via YouTube Ads? Mining Monero?

Short InfoX- The cryptocurrency is getting popular with that the cryprojacking also coming with that. So, continue reading this article and I will discuss about a big serious issue where when you watch any YouTube video on any device on behind the Scene they are using your device power. And they are mining Monero.

As I have already explained about Cryprojacking in detail in our previous article. But, in this article I’m giving the basic recap, it means that the your computer is hijacked and you are not aware of that the your system is using in mining cryptocurrency without your permission. We thinks that our system is heating very much and we don’t know that why is heating and starts lagging. Here the main thing is that, Which site you are using now have a hidden Java script which is using your System without taking permission from you. And they are mining cryptocurrency. their is one website, it’s name is coinhive which provides this type of script very easily and any user can embedded that script on their site easily. After that whenever the users will come on that site, then they can use their systems for Monero Minning. And Coinhive here takes 30% commission. This is ok in some cases but not ok in some cases also.


Let’s imagine that their is one website which is your favorite website and may be that site is using that script and that site is notifying you that they will use your system power. And we thinks that if they will use our system power then what will happen? Nothing. But it cause much thing. If they use our system power then the electricity bill will come more. But atleast if any site is notifying you then it okay. But, their are many popular sites which use our computer powers without notifying us and because of that the electricity bill comes more. And they are using that Java script on their site. Then is is not ok in this case.

Firstly it was found in one website that is The Pirate Bay. But secondly, it was found in YouTube ad. Here one user has noticed that his Antivirus has blocked one YouTube Ad. Why this happen? The user see in details. He find that their was a one Monero file of Java script from the coinhive was used in that Ad.


This was not happening in India now. This was done by hackers in some foreign country. Now YouTube is taking action on these types of Ads and said that they block these types of Ads within 2 hours. The Hackers investing on this script very much but they earn more than that because the mining was going on of Monero. What these hackers do is that, they create a fresh account first and then they submite that clean ad. After that Google approve that Ad and then after getting approval these hackers edit that Ad again and then embedded that script inside it.

So, Guys this is how the Cryptojacking happens online and like this they use our systems.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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