Civilians can now realize their childhood dreams of becoming astronauts as NASA rolls out application procedures

  • With the increasing trend of retirement among astronauts at NASA, the American agency is facing an acute shortage of cadets for upcoming missions to space.
  • NASA has recently rolled out its application procedures for the 2021 batch of future space cadets.
  • The qualification criteria have been kept very strict and limited only to US citizens for now with lesser importance to flying training and more on candidates’ physical abilities.

There are so many people around the globe who when asked to choose a career option as kids, said the words “Astronaut” very proudly. Even today many kids are completely fascinated by the idea of space. These kids show their creativity in multiple facets such as painting pictures and doodling space suits, rockets, and planets with incomparable enthusiasm. Just the thought of flying into space is a notion which not only captivated even the most grown-up of men and women but also children and teens are no strangers to this particular fascination.

However, unfortunately, as we grow up, most of us choose very different walks of life which are very far away from the infinite stretch of sky and space above us. Most of those dreams stay shut and locked away in the childhood drawing books which are lost in our closet of memories. That being said, maybe it’s time for the drawing books to come out again and for those childhood fantasies to be relieved in real life. Maybe some of us can still strive to be astronauts and fulfill the unsaid promise to our younger selves.

NASA’s quest to recruit new astronauts

According to the latest report discovered by the news portal, the American space agency NASA may soon need more astronauts — and yes it could be any eligible citizen amongst civilians. It’s now possible.

The report reveals that NASA’s astronaut corps has shrunk from nearly 150 people previously to a mere 44 in recent times owing to a number of reasons, the most important being retirement due to ailing health. A huge fall in the number happens to be a major cause of concern for the organization as it is ever involved in broadening its spectrum of services.

In the past year, NASA also collaborated with players from the private sector such as American business magnate Elon Musk’s space telecommunications company SpaceX to launch the Inspiration4 mission. This mission went down in history as the first untrained civilian mission consisting of four individuals who went to space for three days. Hence, the dream of opening the gates to space for ordinary people was already coming true and with NASA’s new move it has become a solid reality.

The agency is also consecutively preparing to send humans to Mars, to set up a sustainable civilization on the red planet. This move is in lieu of the rising issues of global warming and climate change on our Earth. However, even the lead officials of the Mars project are concerned that the cadre of astronauts available is too small. Also with the rising popularity of commercial trips to space recently, the world witnessed a race to space between two well-known millionaires, Amazon ex-CEO Jeff Bezos and owner of Virgin Group, Richard Branson. In due course, these events might just be the best shot for people to realize their dreams and be sent into space by NASA.

How the application process and qualification criteria for NASA is expected to be designed

The 2021 recruits who happened to become the first new class of recruits in almost four years had to fulfill the decided mandatory clause of being US citizens. NASA being an American agency, it should come as no surprise that Americans do get an upper hand when it comes to recruitment. The financial strength of the candidate applying obviously had a minor role. However, that being said, for applying to such an elite program one is expected to have deep pockets to a certain degree.

For the non-residents of America there happens to be a procedure in place. The said procedure seems to be a little more twisted and complicated but possible nonetheless. Also, applicants’ qualification criteria are expected to be much more rigorous and difficult.

Among basic qualifications, the candidates who needed a master’s degree in STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics related field or in converse were required to fulfill one of the following criteria:

• Two years of work towards a doctoral program in related science, technology, engineering, or math field

• A completed Doctor of Medicine or Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine degree

• Completion (or enrollment that would result in completion by June 2021) of a nationally recognized test pilot school program.

The biggest key factor to be noted here was the absence of a substantial flying experience that was no longer deemed essential and compulsory. The program required two years of relevant professional experience or 1000 hours of flight time in command of a jet aircraft.

Also in a major relief to candidates, there was no stress on age or height and no such limits on other physical fitness parameters. However, that being said, the finalists did have to undergo a very tough and rigorous physical examination. Among additional criteria were certain specific conditions like a 20/20 vision and proper measurements for the spacecraft and spacesuit were needed. Applicants also had to be free from any kind of medical conditions which could later cause problems in spaceflight. This included systemic comorbidities such as diabetes and hypertension amongst other physically challenging disabilities.

All said and done, the unique opportunity available to the world with NASA’s new program is very exciting and will surely produce a new crop of world leaders while also inspiring the youth and kids to never stop dreaming of the possibilities.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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