Biggest Discovery for Electronics – Transistor, How Transistors Work?

Short InfoX- we use different-different types of Gadgets. Different types of Mobile Phones, Toster, T.V, Refrigerator, Head Phones, Cars etc. Continue reading this article and I will talk about one device if it does not created then we are able to live world like this which we are living now.

I will talk about Transistor, this is one kind of technology which comes in front of us after it we are going to Space, we are developing smart devices, Lamp, T.V etc. If the Transistor not created then we can’t get such type of good technology. Here in this world the transistor is very helpful thing because of it only whole world is working with latest technology. Now, Let’s see what is this? And, how it works? If you are a engineering student then you must heard this word or you have heard this word in your school time. But, today I will tell how it works?

For example, the electricity is comes up to your socket. We created electricity and then distributed it and it comes from meter to switch board. This work was completed by electrical engineering. But, we have different types of gadgets and that electricity we control in your gadget in own way. That we created one circuit and it works on our order that where the electricity should have to go and where it does not. Here this transistor helps us in this works, where should the electricity has to go in our gadgets and where does not. So, here you are using mobile or computer and reading this interesting article, this you device is working because of transistor only.


If the question is comes about it’s control then you can see the example that what are the devices that you use daily which control? That is Faucet, if you on the faucet then the water will come and when you off it the water will not come. The water is stored somewhere in your tank. Like this only the concept of Transistor also. Like, we control water by facet like that only Transistor control current. The transistors can also work as switches. Suppose a small electric current flowing through one part of a transistor. It can make much bigger current flow through another part of it. Or in other words we can tell that, the small current switches on the larger one. This is how all the computer chips work.


Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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