Automobile Industry Wants To Make batteries That Can Cover Million Miles Without Any Recharging

  • The Automobile industry is keen on making electric batteries that can cover up to a million miles.
  • They want to create a quantum battery that does not lose a charge that which means can go a million miles without being charged twice.
  • Quantum battery technology can save humans from climate crises and our dependence on fuel sources.

The automotive industry has now formed a ‘million-mile’ dream for electric vehicles. They want to build a battery that is capable of being recharged as it takes to reach a million miles in one go without losing its ability to retain a charge which means without any possibility to discharge.

If scientists can achieve this, it would effectively end the need for a large number of vehicle operators to ever change their batteries. Even owners who are using automobiles heavily can simply just visit the shop once every couple of years for routine maintenance and to charge their batteries.

Batteries are originally from very complex technology. Starting from the little batteries we use for consumer goods to the big automobile batteries. A senior manager at quantum applications and algorithms at IBM, Dr.Jeanette Garcia recently said “We don’t know what goes on inside of batteries. This thing is a mystery. Sure, we know how to make batteries. But we can’t see what’s happening inside a battery, at a molecular level, while it’s working.”

Big companies such as IBM and Mercedes Benz are working together to create quantum computing systems capable of creating similar situations artificially and seeing the molecular interactions inside of a battery. This could lead to better batteries of all types in the market ranging from cell phone batteries that charge faster and last longer to EVs with extended ranges and even better industrial energy engineering and energy usage.

Quantum batteries are more confusing and difficult to understand than regular batteries. Scientists are continuously exploring ways to develop them. This is done by a concept called super absorption. Traditional batteries work on the base principle of the size that the bigger they are, the longer it generally takes to charge them. Super absorption however allows quantum batteries to develop. The more molecules that pack into a battery featuring super absorption, the faster it charges. That means for example say, a battery the size of a building would charge faster than one the size of a cell phone.

Quantum batteries are a theoretical technology that simply uses quantum physics to create units that are capable of holding massive amounts of energy and charging with a super-fast speed. Universities, startups, and corporate laboratories around the world are trying to develop quantum batteries and a lot of people believe that it can be achieved super soon. More importantly, Quantum battery technology can also save us from the human-created global climate crisis and issue and our extreme dependency on harmful fuel sources.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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