Apple now allows you to download a copy of your data.

Apple has recently updated its website and has included a new Data and Privacy page on it. This page will allow users to check and download all the data the company has ever collected from them. You need to log in with your Apple ID and password on the page to visit the download page. The copy of your data is available there with an option to correct any information that you think is incorrect. You can also deactivate your Apple ID account, or even delete it permanently.

Downloading data

1. The copy of your data includes everything such as Apple Music, Apple Online Store, App Store, Apple Retail Store, Game Center Activity, Apple ID account information, iCloud History, Contacts, Notes, Calendars, AppleCare support history, and many more. It is a complete bundle of everything done by you through your Apple account on any platform of the company.

2. The copy of your download contains extensive data. So, it will take a while for preparing the data for download, and the resulting download files may be many GBs in size. If you are unable to find the required data, you can visit Apple’s FAQ page where it explains everything you are looking for.

How to Request a Copy of Your Apple Account Data

  1. Open a web browser on your Mac, PC, or iPad, and navigate to (Note: this procedure won’t work on an iPhone).
  2. Enter your Apple ID email and password, and authorize two-factor authentication on another device if prompted.
  3. On the Apple ID & Privacy page, click Continue.
  4. Under “Get a copy of your data”, click Get Started.
    1. On the next page, you’ll see a list of data categories. Click the selection box next to each category that you want included in your download. You can refine inclusions from certain categories by clicking Show more to reveal sub-categories of data or click Select All to include all your information.
    2. Click Continue.
    3. Using the drop-down menu on the next page, choose a maximum file size that you want to download (1GB, 2GB, 5GB, 10GB, or 25GB). Apple divides the data into files of this size or smaller. You can review your selection below the drop-down.
    4. Click Complete Request to confirm.

    Apple will email you to let you know it is preparing your data, with a reminder that this process can take up to seven days. As a security measure, Apple uses this time to verify that the request was made by you.
    You can view and check the status of your request at any time by visiting

Deactivating account

1. If you deactivate your Apple account, it will be temporarily unavailable to you or anyone else, and even Apple itself. Also, you will not be able to access iMessage, iCloud, and iTunes after deactivating your account. However, it is temporary, which does not delete your data. All it does is making your data temporarily unavailable. You can reactivate your account at any time to access your data again. After reactivating your account, you can use your account as before. The verification process for the deactivation of your account may take up to seven days.

Deleting account permanently

If you wish to delete your entire data from Apple, you can use the feature of this page to permanently delete your account. For many reasons, you might need to delete your account from Apple and wish your complete data is removed from the company. So, it will allow you to delete your account and its data permanently from Apple. Also, deletion process may take up to seven days for verification. If you delete your account, your account and data are gone forever, and even Apple could not retrieve the data for you. You can once take a look at the copy of your data before you delete your account permanently. So, Apple has provided every feature on its page for users.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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