5G Changing the world But At What Cost?

Chinese tech giant Huawei is building the 5G infrastructure for the UK. This move will not only change the internet but also will change how we live our lives. By revolutionizing how we use technology in daily lives,5G is changing the world. It will reshape our homes, workplaces, transport by involving technology. It will also threaten a lot of jobs worldwide.
The 5G tech will power Artificial Intelligence & the Internet of Things. It would be common to see driver-less cars & controlling home appliances via the internet. Much of the hassles we face today can be easily solved because of AI.
5G is available in only 45 cities as of now will soon be going National and boost the economy by £120 billion. The US trials have shown that it can deliver speeds up to 10 GB/S which is 25 times the speed of 4G.

5G changing the world by changing Homes to Smart homes

5G changing lives by Smart Homes


5G will power the Internet of Things (IoT) & AI, so much of the home appliances will get automated. Interconnection of machines through AI & IoT, which will simplify human lives. people can communicate with friends & family who stay far.

An example of IoT & AI used in synergy. A regular washing machine with the use of AI will have the ability to detect faults. With IoT, it can alert the manufacturing company about the fault. Smart fridges can detect when items are over & can go on the internet to order for them. “5G will make the world a better place”, says AI expert professor Rahim Tafazolli.

5G changing the world by revolutionizing the healthcare industry

Smart tech will be capable of studying human anatomy. It can figure out the problems with the human body and inform the doctors about it. It will be very common to see robots perform surgeries & treat people. Humans will though take some time to get used to it.
Patients can consult doctors who are not present in the location.  Nurses will be able to track everything from blood pressure to sleep hours. The only downside will be the loss of human touch & care.
Smart Transport using 5G

Driver-less cars will become reality, where you can step into the car, put your location and relax. Cars with the use of IoT & AI will be able to coordinate with traffic signals. They will also be able to perceive the position of other cars for avoiding accidents.

5G can also power Driver-less drones which are AI & IoT powered. You can expect your deliveries by drones which will work on AI. Intercity deliveries would be a lot easier and economical.

Smart Factories powered by 5G

Smart Transport using 5G
Factories with less human effort and more of AI-driven will come to reality. It would be common to see robotic arms working in the factories with full efficiency 24/7. This will help factories keep the quality under check.
5G will make factories very effective & productive. There will be very low chances of any defects in the products and also products will be very fast. Smart factories will come at a human cost. It is going to change the way we live & work. Regular 9-5 may completely change due to AI & IoT usage. Unemployment will rise and adversely affect the economy.
5G a wonder, but what is the cost?  

Even though 5G looks very bright on one side it may have a dark side too. These technological advances may look extraordinary but there is a high cost. Robots will be taking over jobs.

There could be serious consequences to the economy since unemployment may rise. The human touch will be no more and everything will be machine automated. Excessive use of such high radiation technology may adversely affect human bodies too.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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