The Corona Virus Tipping Point: You Might Be Next!

Aren’t you informed about the Corona Virus Tipping Point yet? You should be. The entire globe remains shaken by the recent corona outbreak.

COVID-19 has caused numerous deaths around the world. Some say that there is no need to stress about it. This is true to an extent.

However deadly it may seem, the corona is controllable. This article contains the most recent updates about the virus outbreak which you should not miss.

Mode of Infection

Mode of Infection

In most corona cases, the symptoms remain untraceable. Some patients get cured by their own immune system.

They just experience symptoms of common cold and flu. There is nothing much the virus can do if it stays in our nose and throat.

People get into trouble when the virus reaches their lungs. Medical experts have concluded that one out of seven people has the odds of running into severe breathing trouble.

6 out of 100 people might run into a critical state due to this. The virus has killed a little more than 3700 people.

This makes something clearly evident. The virus cases can go from mild symptoms to critical soon.

Therefore patients should seek medical help as soon as possible. Now that we’ve talked about its mode of infection, let’s get into the topic of CoronaVirus Tipping Point.

How does it Spread?

How does it Spread?

Corona Virus affects people under various age groups. Still, elders who are more than 60 years in age are the most vulnerable.

They often get affected and go into a critical state. This is because most elders have severe health problems even before the virus attack.

These health problems often are lung-related. This makes it difficult to treat and cure them. COVID-19 has similar properties like several other viral diseases.

It is a contagious disease and it often spreads through the biofluids of a person. This mainly includes sputum.

As a person comes in contacts, it normally begins with the nose. The virus travels into the lungs from here. Once it reaches the lungs, it affects the outer covering of the lungs.

In most cases, our own WBC cells fight the infections. They fight with the pathogens and usually consume them. If this goes well, your infection would go away within days.

The Tipping Point

The Tipping Point

The Corona Virus Tipping point is the stage where the infection becomes resistant. From here, the situation would only start to go worse.

The diseased cells start to grow more and more inside your body. This rate is much faster than the rate at which our body can heal.

This situation is much worse in the case of a senior citizen. Most of them have a weaker immune system.

This infection completely shuts down the system resulting in fatalities. The symptoms of this virus infection resemble our common diseases.

This makes the patients reluctant to go and seek medical help. When they finally visit a doctor, it is usually too late.

To conclude

The number of mortalities due to this disease is scary. But it is really not that difficult to stop the spread of this Virus Outbreak.

All you need to do is follow a few simple everyday steps. This includes washing your hands properly and avoiding physical contact as much as possible.

This is a global calamity. This means that one single country cannot fight against it. We must join hands and hope to fight against it.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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