How to Get an Internship in DRDO and ISRO

If you are a student related to science and want to serve your county, work with top research institutes of India like ISRO AND DRDO. Every student has a dream to work with these two excellent institutes, which reduces the distance between our planet and Space.

To provide different opportunities for working with ISRO and DRDO, they organize different summer and winter internships for students. Any student who meets their eligibility criteria can join these internships.

If you don’t have any idea to join these internships, you can read the whole information and know the best way to join an internship.

Eligibility criteria and Internship types

Yes, if any student wants to join an internship in DRDO and ISRO, they have to pass their eligibility criteria, and you can also choose according to your qualification.

  • ISRO and DRDO offer summer, winter, and long-term internships for different qualification holders.
  • The students pursuing B.Tech, M.Tech, M.SC., and MCA and scoring 65% in their academic year are eligible for these internships.
  • The period of these internships is from 3 months to 6 months, and some of them are one year also.
  • Students from different fields learn about electronics, redia frequency, astrophysics, astronomy, image processing, Space technologies, and defensive weapon systems.

Different Institutes organize Internships for students.

  • Indian Institute of Remote Sensing, Dehradun
  • National Atmospheric Research Laboratory (NARL), Tirupati
  • Physical Research Laboratory (PRL), Ahmedabad
  • Semi-Conductor Laboratory, Ajitgarh
  • National Remote Sensing Centre, Hyderabad
  • Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology, Trivandrum
  • Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre, Trivandrum
  • U R Rao Satellite Centre, Bangalore
  • Space Application Centre, Ahmedabad
  • DRDO Defence Research and Development Organization, New Delhi

The Basic Process for Applying for Internships

There are different basic processes to apply for these internships,

you can join all these internships by following different joining processes like,

  • Applying Through Head Of Department

For this, you request the HOD of your institute to forward your application to the planning and evolution group. The application contains:

  • Specific information like your academic background.
  • Detail of the project you are interested in.
  • Mention availability for the internship.

You have attached your resume and also a letter from your college head office in which they allow you to join this internship. Attach all the markets of your whole semester.

  • Apply Online

ISRO also accepts online applications for some internships, but you have to send a hard copy of your application according to the mentioned details of the internship online portal.

  • Campus Recruitment

ISRO and DRDO also visit some selected campuses for internships, and if your institute is on that list, you can join an internship by qualifying through the application process.

  • The Requirement Process

Sometimes ISRO conducts an interview process to select random students from the institutes and then ask some basic questions related to academic background.

Some experts will ask you some questions during the basic interview process. These questions are related to the subject you want to join the internship.

Benefits of getting an internship in ISRO and DRDO

When you join an internship, you will get lots of things to do and excitement, joy, and learn many new things on the campus.

After completing the verification process, students are divided into different groups of individuals.

After that, they will assign you ongoing projects and guide you to perform better in your field and do your best. They will also learn about new technologies and motivate you to join ongoing projects and participate in co circular activities.

  • When you complete the internship organizer will provide you grades, for getting hired quickly, you have to score 8CGPA.
  • If you have work experience and are also doing an internship, it will value your resume, and you will get priority in the hiring process.

So, test your skills by joining an internship, improving them with new technology, and learning new skills. These skills can help you in making your carrier bright.

Thanks ❤️

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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