How To Be an Edu-Preneur In 2020

Our beautiful world has changed a lot from an age where we weren’t even aware of our existence to today where everything is on digital platforms. And where you can be an edu-preneur.

A world started billions of years ago, and we are part of the third millennium of that world. Starting from cave-dwellers to the planning of habitation on the moon, mankind has come a long way. Humans always had the intrigue of finding better alternatives. We got raw food, we discovered fire, we got animals, we invented carts, we got fossils, and we created fuels out of them.

The human race has lived life from no language to the present-day discussion of ‘educational bing bang.’

Over the centuries, we have developed ourselves in every field. The introduction of digital technology in our lives did topsy-turvy. It made a change significantly for good. And when everything has turned digital, it is high time to seek out opportunities in every digital field.

India- The most significant market!

How to be an edu-preneur

India, the second-largest market for e-learning after America, has over

  • 1.4 million schools,
  • Over 227 million students enrolled and
  • More than 36,000 higher education institutes enrolling over 70 million students.

India’s strength in the education sector is incompatible, and hence it emerges as the biggest market for the budding entrepreneurs.

It’s Not Just Business

It would not be wrong if education is termed business because it opens a massive door of opportunities. If you come across anyone starting an educational institute, you will find out the vast management required. You will need vendors, a school management system, good teachers, counselors, a steady flow of student enrollment, and more.

But you need not freak out as there are various sources to help you. You can take the help of StudyApt to build a school profile, SchoolSmart to organize his internal and external communication, University Connection to create a counseling framework and with state-of-the-art providers, so there are a lot of helping hands and opportunities for you lying there.

Step Into The Business With All You Have

This era is the perfect time to step into the education world as an entrepreneur. It has a vast scope. You do not create an opportunity for yourself, but you open the doors of success to many others. Education entrepreneurship is all about training, solutions, expertise, and advice.

As an Edu-preneur, the most significant leverage you have in your population. First, your community is educated, curious, and evolved and willing to seek various other opportunities.

You can step into this business as a mentor. Today, almost 3 lakh students attempt foreign study visas. Your role as a mentor will be to guide them in the perfect option for them. Unbiased guidance and facilitation will take you to the heights.

In a nutshell, it is an everlasting and each day growing full-fledged industry where you can put your entrepreneurship skills and can be an edu-preneur

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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