10 best Side Hustles to Make an Extra $1,000 per Month

Making an extra $1000 a month can mean the difference between barely scraping by and putting money away for retirement for many people.

It is possible to make a bit of extra income from home to support your family, whether you have a full-time job or are looking for a side hustle.

The reason I love talking about side hustles and extra income is that I’ve always found it easier to make more money than to become an extreme frugalist.

We will discuss ideas in this article that can earn you an extra $1000 or more per month but are flexible enough to do in your spare time.

Here are the 10 best ideas for making an extra $1000 a month

1. Proofreader online

While some proofreading jobs require experience, most don’t require a degree. Once you gain entry, you will find that you have a wide range of opportunities to make money online as a side job!

Also, due to the high pay and the ability to work from home, this is a viable side hustle idea for your long-term financial goals. If you are interested in earning extra income, you can even quit your day job for a couple of hours a week.

As a proofreader, Caitlin Pyle earns more than $100,000 per year. Using her FREE Proofreading Workshop and Proofreading Anywhere Course, she teaches you how to do the same.

2. Video watching

Seriously, this is one of my favorite side hustles! TV shows are something I enjoy, as I mentioned earlier. Who doesn’t want to earn money doing what they love?

Besides watching the latest movie trailers, Swagbucks also offers ways to earn money. Besides staying productive, you can earn extra income in the background while keeping your screen minimized.

3. An online bookkeeper

If you like math and working with numbers, bookkeeping could be a lucrative side business for you. It will be your responsibility to send and receive invoices, track payments and bills, and create other basic financial documents.

If you’re wondering whether you need to be an accountant to do bookkeeping, then you’re in luck! This FREE workshop will teach you everything you need to know about starting your own bookkeeping business.

There is a certification course offered by Bookkeeper Launch, which will allow you to charge up to $80 per hour for your services.

4. Products sold digitally

Among Etsy’s top-selling items are digital downloads, which include everything from honey-do lists to grocery lists to activities for kids.

It takes a few hours to create documents you can resell over and over, making you passive income for years to come.

Gold City Ventures offers a FREE eBook to help you get started with this side hustle. Make fun and engaging sheets for your store’s printables without reinventing the wheel.

5. Author and freelancer

Have you ever wondered how major companies like The Wall Street Journal, Time, and others keep their articles up-to-date? International contributors write their entries for them!

What’s more, guess what? By becoming a freelance writer, you could become one of them. One of our side hustle ideas is freelance writing for blogs. There are a lot of blogs out there, so you will have a lot of chances to get some blog writing jobs.

Knowing what topics to write about is the key to getting gigs. In the same way that blogging is most effective when you have a niche, it’s crucial to have one.

6. Specialized in SEO

An SEO Specialist can make a lot of money if they have technical skills and know their way around the web.

A search engine optimization specialist helps businesses improve their ranking on search engine result pages (SERPs). A business’s SERP ranking determines how much traffic it will receive, how many leads it will get, and how much revenue it will generate.

In order to accomplish this, SEO Specialists use a variety of methods, including optimizing website content, building links, improving user experience, and increasing brand visibility.

You will be able to maximize your earnings and results by using AI SEO tools like Surfer SEO and Jasper. A few things need to be done in order to become an SEO specialist.

7. Copywriting as a freelancer

People take action when they read compelling and intriguing copy written by a copywriter. Calls to action (CTAs) are usually created by those in the marketing and business fields.

This is a profitable side hustle if you are skilled at writing, as well as persuasive or compelling when talking to others. With a Bachelor’s degree in English or a similar field, you could earn $36+ per hour.

Jasper is an AI auto-writer that can help you become a better copywriter. Creating original content is as easy as 1-2-3.

8. Facebook Ads Manager

The challenges of running a family business around the clock and joining the social media gravy train can be overwhelming.

Social media like Facebook Ads help online businesses get more traffic and recognition by using digital marketing. Customers come their way more often when they are seen online.

You’ll learn everything you need to know for successful digital marketing in the Facebook Side Hustle course.

This course has helped thousands of students find incredible cash flow from their side hustle! As a result of becoming so successful, many of them quit their jobs to do this hustle full-time.

9. Online English teaching

You’ve come to the right place! As a side hustle, I earned some extra income doing this myself and it was very rewarding. This is probably my favorite side hustle of all time to make money from home.

English can be taught online to anyone who desires to learn. However, most students range in age from 3 to 12 years old, with varying levels of proficiency in English. An English speaker with a Bachelor’s degree is required, but you do not have to be a teacher.

10. Create an online course

The side hustle idea has been a great way for us to earn extra money, and I’ll be honest – it’s been a huge success.

If you have marketable skills that others need to learn, you will be able to make thousands selling your online courses.

A very effective way to educate others is through online courses. You can begin selling an online course by partnering with people who have loyal followings even if you don’t have a blog.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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