SoftBank Eyes Indian Data Centers, Robotics for AI Expansion

Japanese technology giant SoftBank is contemplating investments in Indian data center and industrial robotics companies as part of its strategy to bolster the infrastructure layer of artificial intelligence (AI).

Sources familiar with the matter revealed that SoftBank is exploring potential deals in these sectors, with potential investment amounts ranging from $75 million to $150 million per deal.

According to a source close to the developments, SoftBank is targeting AI use cases with significant market opportunities, focusing on two key themes in India: data centers and industrial robotics.

While specific details about the potential investments remain undisclosed, one source suggested that SoftBank’s investments could involve greenfield data center projects or manufacturing units leveraging automation and AI technologies.

SoftBank’s commitment to AI investments aligns with its global shift towards AI and semiconductor technologies. The conglomerate has already allocated $5 billion for investments in high-growth industries such as logistics, robotics, and autonomous driving, with recent investments including ventures like Green Box and Wayve.

SoftBank’s renewed focus on AI investments in India marks a departure from its recent strategy of reducing fresh investments. This move underscores the conglomerate’s belief in India’s potential as a hub for technology innovation and export.

SoftBank’s interest in Indian AI infrastructure companies comes after a hiatus of about two years in its aggressive deal-making spree in the country. Previously, SoftBank had injected significant capital into Indian startups across various sectors, with notable exits recorded from its investments in companies like Zomato, PB Fintech, Paytm, and Delhivery.

As SoftBank continues to explore opportunities in India’s tech ecosystem, its potential investments in data centers and industrial robotics signal a strategic shift towards leveraging AI infrastructure for future growth.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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