About Us

Infomance is OTT Tech media content platform that explores latest technology and tech story in infotainment and technotainment way. We aim to help the people understand and use technology in visual form through infotaining manner. It covers on the happening in Technology and Science, tech story, analysis of emerging trends in tech, and profiling of new technology, science, and product development. All focus on coverage of Next Age’s Tech and New Science Research. At the Infomance platform we commit to express the absolute technology through our website and Infomance TV.


Committed to solving real-world problems in infotainment way. Infomance is a Tech Media Technotainment company with a clear vision of exploring the technology in infotaining manner. The company operates 500k audience on Social media Brand: @TheInfomance @TheTechFact and @TechRevealed, as well as we, try to connect the consumer in an organic way. The Company has got the highest-profile view ( 111k) in 7days on Instagram handle and 3.5 Million engagement in 30days in Social Media and 700k audience visitors in 10months. Our Real editorial insight delegates “EXPLORE YOUR TOMORROW“.


Our futuristic vision is to represent India globally in the field of OTT Tech Media Company. We picture the worldwide tech eco-system in the digital transformation. Our missionary is always research, work and explore solving real-life problems.