Winklevoss twins might join Facebook soon

Mark Zuckerberg has been with a good battle with the twin brothers, Cameron Winklevoss and Tyler Winklevoss. Years later, they now stand out as handling the cryptocurrency company, Gemini. While they did work together on Facebook for a couple of years. As now, Winklevoss twins might join Facebook soon. While it did not mean that much for them as it does now, being boss of Gemini. Tyler commented on Boss Files podcast, that they now feel better as a part of Gemini. It also defines their own identity as for themselves.

Winklevoss twins might join Facebook soon on the crypto basis

It does sound weird, as both Facebook and Winklevoss twins are now an owner of a crypto coin. As Facebook being serious with libra, the Winklevoss brothers are already in the market with Gemini. Only a year before, facebook mentioned going for the crypto market. As it seemed they can do a better job, even for the tax departments. But will they again meet up together for something big?

Winklevoss brothers want to work with Libra


Having their own crypto coin, which is already a good one, the brothers seemed different this time. They want to work with Libra, as it seems to be for a good cause. Cryptocurrencies are actually for good causes, as it makes payments much secure.

They said that Libra can be a good coin, with its new foundations. More, it also has a valid foundation, being more open and meaningful. Cameron also added, how he sees the world with cryptocurrencies. As he cant imagine one without it.

History of Gemini and the Winklevoss twins


Bitcoin did not show up until the last couple of years. As it was just a few dollars in price. But with time, the inflation rate raised up to a good level. Luckily they had their investments earned from facebook into the coins, for some time. And it paid off like the sea.

The value once peaked for $20K, thus making them self made billionaires. The brothers also added how it was a bold and a stupid move to invest money on it. With luck, the money paid off and made them quite rich. Rich enough to open their own investments and company for cryptocurrencies. While the coin still hovers at $10K, they are well rich.

Gemini might be similar to Libra


Libra is going to be a user-friendly bitcoin, that will work on legal and simple grounds. Mostly, going good with tax departments and reporting. While Gemini seemed to be doing some good and openness to the world. The Winklevoss brothers introduced Gemini as a sort of a different kind of bitcoin.

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Mostly as a trust with fewer problems. It now allows people to store assets, buy them and even sell them in the digital form. While being not so regular and centralized, crypto coins are kind of good. sometimes even better. They also obtained a proper license from a trusted company also being a currency exchange platform.

Success to Gemini


Cameron Winklevoss mentioned, that he wanted Gemini to be a platform of trust. So people could use our services without any hesitation. They want it to be simple enough for people. Similar to what they like when shopping and buying things on amazon.

While to that sense of future, Gemini is now widely available. Over 49 states, including Washington and DC and several other countries. While it does maintain its own grounds of secrecy as usual to user privileges.

Libra and Gemini partnership with Winklevoss brothers


While Gemini seemed to be touching great heights. As it did what it had to do to win people’s trust. But the bosses of the coin, see another strategy too. They work solely with regulators to maintain the company and cryptocurrency oversights that might prove valuable.

Although the legislature fears that facebook might get too powerful. As controlling a better hand helled crypto coin that has not been done yet. This makes a push for new regulations more abundant. While it leads the twins nearer to libra and the urge to work with them.

Winklevoss twins on cryptocurrencies


The twins don’t find it stunning to see Facebook launch its own crypto coin.  But it rather finds up a better place to see how it could change bitcoins. Although, they are still maintaining a pace to learn up about the libra project and its plans ahead. It might be even able to exchange out Gemini towards Libra.

In fact, it wishes that not just facebook could go with crypto coins. Other bigger tech companies like Amazon, Apple, Google, even Netflix could have their own cryptocurrencies in the near future. Cameron also mentioned that the internet can have an internet strategy just on the verge of bitcoins. As opening up, projects are still open to those. Even though, Winklevoss twins might join Facebook soon, it is their profit on grounds too.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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