Using AI in Fighting Coronavirus Can Yield Impressive Results!

Governments around the world are analysing the chances of using AI in fighting coronavirus. AI has helped in solving various problems.

Several tasks which took many hours to complete now take just seconds. AI is an impressive tool which the 21st century has come up with.

The entire world is now struggling with the outbreak of COVID-19. There are no known medicines until this moment.

Right now, the entire tech community has just one question. What are the odds of using AI in fighting coronavirus?

There are a lot of assumptions made by a lot of freelancers. But there are no solid outputs till now.

Usage Of Ventilators

Usage Of Ventilators

The COVID-19 causes breathing ailments. It might become even worse in the case of elders. This is because almost all elders have underlying medical conditions.

In cases like this, the infection causes deaths. As scary as it sounds, it is also impossible to treat all the patients.

Our hospitals do not have enough beds to accommodate all the patients. On the other hand, people who fall below the age of 30 do not need medical attention.

The infection will run its course and leave them naturally. Only the essential patients need treatment.

This is a tedious task to find who needs treatment and who doesn’t. This is one of the major reasons for using AI in fighting CoronaVirus.

The AI should find the differences between the patients who need Intensive care and people who don’t.

The Challenge

A major goal and a challenge are to find a pattern. In some cases, even youngsters have a more serious reaction to the infection.

While in some elders, the infections are mild and they recover soon.

Doctors find it hard to know who needs intensive treatment. They have told that jumping into manual conclusions will not suffice.

The Development of the System

The Development of the System

Unlike other diseases, Corona patients show a wide range of symptoms. It is becoming hard to diagnose the disease day by day.

This means that the AI system needs to process a lot of data before arriving at the diagnosis.

It also has to calculate which symptoms lead to a serious disease. The AI system has to analyze two separate streams of data.

The first step is to analyze the data of patients who had the disease treated. The data includes results of blood tests, X-rays and their health history.

The System should then analyze the patients who are recently admitted to a hospital with the disease. This will help the system to sort patients who need intensive care.


There are plans to get this system ready before the first wave ends. If the system needs improvement, it should get completed before the second wave hits.

This will not solve the outbreak. But at least it would help in providing medical help to the ones who absolutely need it.

To Conclude

Various hospitals around the world are overflowing with patients. There are not enough doctors or beds to treat all of them.

This AI system will help to reduce the number of patients who get admitted to the hospital. This will give a chance to the people who cannot survive without treatment.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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