Top 07 Famous Logos with a Hidden Meaning That Never Even Noticed by us

When an organization or a company is being developed , it’s logo must also be developed at that time. As the logo plays not only a important part but also plays a crucial role in the organization. A company seems to invest a lot of money on the logos only. Have you wondered why ? or have you ever wondered what are these logos denotes us ? What idea or message these logo convey us ?
We never know because we never pay attention to a logo or to know about the history of the logo until it reflects to our mind or until it attracts us. Its out mentality that we never bother to know about anything until we find it something intresting.
Here todays article is about the basic hidden facts about the logos which will shock you and you have never ever wondered that these logo have so much hidden facts inside them.


All of us must have done shopping through this site and all we know it’s a e-commerce site. In this logo you will see a curve smiling line which starts from A to Z. You must have seen this logo around million times but have you ever tries to know the reason what is the curved line for and why it starts only from A not from the next letter to it. Well this logo shows that Amazon has a storage of the products A to Z . Any kind of products whose name starts from A to Z will be available on this e-commerce site. And the curve line behind the logo shows simple a smile emotion.



Ofcourse we can resemble it to the apple. But the bitten mark must make us to think what it is about. Byte is word in computer language which is similar in pronouncing it as bite . That’s the main reason bite on apple is choosed as the logo of the brand APPLE.



The logo if this brand represents a needle and thread. Many people imagine that this denotes a bull and cow boy’s hat, but no its not like this. It a logo that represents the needle and thread.



The reason behind this logo is quite intresting for the students that are related to the IT world , as they will get this point easily or other people may have to focus hard to know. VA in the logo denotes the digital signal means the digital waveform and whereas the IO is not as you have read it its like 1 and 0 that are the binary numbers , as we all know computers only read data in the form of binary numbers that are 1 and 0. So basically it’s the combination of the digital signals with the binary numbers.



It’s the another intresting logo , many people have also some misconceptions about this logo as they feel like this logo denotes the first letter of the logo this is “H” but no my dear readers its not as you think . Know the reason . Its about the two people that are shaking hands to each other in showing a great co-ordination. It shows a great message of being a successful company.



It’s the most simplest logo we will ever get to see . The first digit that looks like the combinations of its first two words is also a misconception for some people. As it’s not represents the combination of the two letters infact it looks like a tyre . So basically C that has O in itself shows a image structure of a tyre not a combinations of words.



Its quite famous among the all logo. People think it denotes the spinner of the aeroplane but no again you are wrong here , it represents the flag of the country Germany. As it’s the company that is given to us by the country German.


So these are the basic logo that we get to see in the daily lives and have never paid attention to this. Hope you all have liked the todays article.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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