These 7 Netflix Tips And Hacks Will Blow Your Mind!

There are various Netflix tips and hacks which you can use to make things easier. You might not use this in your everyday life but knowing them would definitely help.

You cannot find them easily like the pause and play buttons. But once you do, you can get rid of most of the problems which you are facing. You can use these options to customize Netflix like never before.

1. Getting Rid of Suggestions

Anyone who has a Netflix account would know that it provides content suggestions. It analyses the type of content you watch for a while.

It then displays the content which is similar to the ones you’ve watched. You might find this interesting for a while.

But over time you can notice it becoming saturated. If you do not want this to happen, try deleting your viewing history. This would prevent NetFlix from suggesting you new content to watch.

2. Enjoy Watching With Your Friends

Enjoy Watching With Your Friends

For friends who live in two different locations or couples who are in a long-distance relationship, this is a blessing.

If you are someone who misses watching Netflix together with your friends, try Rabbit or Netflix Party.

The first one is a stream-sharing platform while the other one is a Chrome Extension.

There are various applications available which are very similar to these. You can form an online group with your friends and enjoy watching stuff together.

3. Try Netflix Flip

Who doesn’t love watching Netflix while lying on the bed? But there is no denying the neck pain that it causes.

You must use a chrome extension names Netflix Flip which prevents this from happening.

It allows you to rotate the display according to your posture and viewing angle. This reduces any unwanted neck pain which you might develop.

4. The Never-Ending Netflix

This is one of the best among all the other Netflix Tips and Hacks. We all love binge-watching our favourite TV show on a free weekend.

But how annoying it is to watch the title sequence over and over again with every episode. To stop this from happening, all you have to do is to install a Chrome extension named “Never Ending Netflix”.

This will stop the “Are you still watching” notification from popping up and also auto-skips the title sequences.

5. IMDb Ratings

Download and install IMDb Ratings for Netflix

How often do you end up watching a lame movie or a TV show and wasted your precious free time?

Even though Netflix is a sophisticated tool, it doesn’t have ratings to all the movies and shows. You can always seek chrome extensions for the rescue.

Download and install IMDb Ratings for Netflix and this will stamp the rating on the top of every thumbnail. Never watch a boring show ever again.

6. Say Bye To Buffering

Almost all of the content in Netflix is High-definition. Though Netflix offers you the best, your internet connection should cooperate.

If you face a severe buffering issue, this Netflix Tip or Hack should come in handy. Hold Shift + Ctrl + Option + S on your keyboard at the same and wait for a menu to popup.

Here you have to select a bitrate which is lower than your current one and press override. This will reduce the quality of your video but you can notice a significant reduction in the buffering.

7. Kick Your Friends OutIf you are a teenager, then the password for your Netflix account is not just yours

If you are a teenager, then the password for your Netflix account is not just yours. You might’ve shared it to a friend and he would share it to four more of his friends.

And eventually, you won’t be able to stream content from your own account. If this sounds like you, there is something which you can do.

Navigate to your account settings and click sign out of all devices. This includes your device. You can use your credentials to log in again.

To Conclude

Some of these Netflix Tips and Hacks would have been completely new to you. You might have known some of these but never used them before.

But we highly recommend that you try all of them. Each hack has its own uses. By this way, you will receive the most out of the money which you pay for your subscription.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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