The Top 5 Best How To Sites You Should Know About!

The search for the best How to sites is a never-ending one. But we have managed to bring you the best. Most of us use these sites regularly in our everyday lives.

For the rest of us who weren’t that lucky, consider this a gift. These sites have constant updates and you can find almost any information which you can think of.

If you are new, you are going to feel surprised seeing the value which these websites bring to the table.


wikiHow has various advantages which other sites in this list don't have

wikiHow has various advantages which other sites in this list don’t have. The instructions and the method of explanation is uniform in all of their content.

Clear diagrams accompany each and every step making it very easy to follow. It is a collaborative web page.

There are several people looking at their content each day. They ensure that the content has no mistakes.

This process makes their content more and more legible and accurate. They cover a vast range of topics which is not just for adults but also for the kids.


Instructables has helped tons of students around the world to build working projects and it is very popular.

It mainly focuses on electronics and circuitry but not limited to it. It provides detailed instructions for various crafts, cookery and covers a wide range of subjects.

The site has several verified projects. The site accepts instructions from the authors only after verifying that it would work.

It doesn’t matter if you are a student or a housewife or just someone who is looking forward to spending his time usefully. In Instructables, there is something for everyone.


Most times, the best answer to your question is lying there right beneath your nose. YouTube needs no introduction.

YouTube has been there for a really long time with billions of people posting videos all around the globe.

Millions of terabytes of video content are pouring in every hour. It is one of the best how-to sites you will ever find.

Not to forget that a video explanation is always preferrable when compared to reading it as an instruction.

No matter what your question is, the moment you type it in the search box, you will always find someone who has posted a video about it.


One can say that eHow functions very similar to wikiHow. But they have their own differences. wikiHow is a forum where anyone can make changes to an article.

But eHow doesn’t encourage these changes. It has a team of dedicated writers who manage to bring the best instructions from various trusted sources.

Crafts and Home Decor are some of their major strongholds. But you can pretty much find anything if you search hard enough.


Reddit has a huge fanbase for bringing in content which is fresh and new

Reddit has a huge fanbase for bringing in content which is fresh and new. There are various subreddits, each dedicated for a separate cause.

r/howto is a subreddit which encourages people/users to ask any questions which they need answers for.

As you do this, you will find various answers posted by other users for the questions which were asked. (Bonus)

To every coding and programming enthusiast out there, is for you. You can find answers to even the most confusing programming problem in here.

All the codes posted here are from various programmers around the world. There are answers to almost all the languages in programming from C till Bitcoins.

The posts get upvoted and downvoted depending on their authenticity.


There is nothing that you cannot find on the internet if you search hard enough. But we have curated this list to make the job easier for you.

These are some of the best how-to sites which have pretty intense popularity.

Billions of users from around the globe use them on a daily basis. If they can, I guess you should too.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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