Satellite Phones or Smartphones? The Network Story

We love mobile phones too much and we use it daily. We do too many work from that phone. But, problem comes when our phone go to the Out of Coverage Area, then that phone is totally useless. But, we see in too many movies that, they use the satellite mobile phones in desert , sea, mountain etc. also. But they are able to talk with that phone with other peoples and that phone and it’s entiner is very long. So why we do not use that phone in our real life also? I will talk about it in this article so continue reading it.Let’s suppose very bad movement is there your girlfriend in angry from you and you have to explain her and want to solve that problem. But, suddenly when you pick your phone to call her or text her. You saw that your phone not have signals. So in this type of condition we thinks that if I have satellite phone I can contact her easily. Because satellite phone works every where. So why we not use this phone in our daily life? Why we are using such type of network Idea, Jio etc.?

So Guys, first here I will talk about how that satellite phone works?


Guys, Our mobile phone works from our local mobile tower and these mobile towers are setup in cities only where peoples live. The companies not setup these towers in forest or in river, so when we go these places we comes in the Out Of Coverage Area.

But if we talk about satellite, so it is taking the round of our earth and they are distributed all over the sky. If we have the satellite phone then we make the contact with any satellite and then call anywhere. The satellite Phones works on this basis only. They first make contact with any satellite and then make call. So it is like this why in our pocket we not have a satellite phone?

  • So the biggest problem of satellite phone is lag. When we call anyone and start speaking then we should have to wait for 2-3 seconds after that only our voice will go to that person and when he will speak then again we have to wait for 2-3 seconds then his/her voice will come. So we can’t use this phone in our daily life because of it’s too much lagging. But if there is any emergency and you not have any phone to call then we can use satellite phone because we not have any other option.
  • Second, problem is that the satellite phone is too much expensive then our mobile phones. And the calling cost also very expensive because the launching satellite cost is also too much. We can’t make recharge like Rs.400 and get daily 1 GB data in satellite phone. We can’t talk with that phone for more time like 1 hour or 2 hours because calling cost is too expensive.

  • Now Final and the main reason is that in many countries the satellite phone is illegal. Like in India the normal peoples can’t use satellite phone because many people can do misuse with it. But this technology is really very good.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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