Samsung: Bringing 108 Megapixel Sensor For Smartphones

You might be always wondered about the cameras of Samsung smartphones. Always giving tougher competition in the world of cameras to Apple, LG and mostly Sony. While Samsung still uses Sony’s sensors, it already has a better for itself. Not exactly for the budget phones, but for the flagship-grade. Samsung is bringing a 108 Megapixel sensor for smartphones, very soon. This is a newly designed bulked up sensor, especially for low light shooting.

While Nokia 9 did show what Nokia can do with the right hardware. If you don’t know yet, Nokia 7.1 still remains the best portrait camera phone in the midrange section. That does software does, with good hardware. Samsung has chosen again to entitle with its own in house hardware in the same direction. And now it has a new powerful sensor.

The new 108 Megapixel sensor


Getting into the technical details, this is the first 100MP+ sensor. Not just a camera, which sits on a normal half-inch or a 1/2.3” quality sensor to shoot up-scaled photos. The new ISOCELL BRIGHT HMX is a real deal, that can actually shoot 108MP photos.

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In the right hardware style. Like it used to be with the Nokia 808 Pureview. Not scaling scams (which is currently with the 48MP trend).

Samsung’s new 108MP sensor with 6K video


Videos are mostly what has made smartphones truly unique. As you don’t get to buy a 120FPS FULL HD 1080p featured Go Pro just for $200 or less. Where storage comes as another problem. Videos in smartphones have now evolved to 4K, that too in 60 solid frames in a second.

The new Bright HMX sensor can record well in 4K 60fps without a sweat. But it also has a limit to around 610 Million pixels capture rate in a second. If you backtrack that, it can do a 6K 3380p video for 30 frames per second. That is a new margin for video capture. As Samsung is bringing a 108 Megapixel sensor, it’s going to get better.

How Samsung’s new 108MP sensor will work?


108MP is no joke. You got over 100 million pixels to deal in. this is also the highest amount of pixels recorded to be in a smartphone. With the right sensor, it can capture a hell lot of details better than DSLRs. The Canon 5DS R has a damn FULL FRAME 50MP camera, that records even galaxies in its photos.

This is just half of the pixels we are talking about now. Users can just not capture images, they can crop it into 2-3 4K images separately. That’s a run for the money. The sensor is a big one, a huge 1/1.33” sensor. Only a bit less, smaller than the 1” on the Panasonic CM1 camera smartphone.

Real-world usage


While rumors do seem right with the 108MP camera sensor. An option will be given to capturing a 100M photo. While the real-world use, Samsung will be using it for different use. In order to deal with low light images, it will crop down the image to 27MP.

As you might not need a staggering 108MP photo, it will finish your storage within a month. For this reason, the smartphone dealer will instead provide a small downscaled 27MP option. This will rather concentrate the 100% light captured into just 25% of the pixels. Thus the capture area gets quartered, but the images get a 200% quality boost. Just exactly like in DSLRs, physically.

Smartphones to receive the 108MP sensor


None of the smartphones have been made to get hold of this new beast. As the new sensor is near to an inch size, a separate module will be required to hold it. Just like the earlier Nokia Lumias had. As a 1/1.33” sensor is not as small as a 1/2.3”.

Plus, battery consumption will get a bit higher, due to the 23% increased bulk size. While Samsung did not announce any sort of smartphones that will get the first dibs. The only rumored device is the Mi Mix 4, that also has been kept on hold.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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