Top 8 Websites To Get Royalty-Free Images in 2020

It is just so challenging to find royalty-free images now, and the irony is its need has increased more than ever because of the rise in technology. With the rising technological trends, many photographers are up for some inspiration.

Then there are emerging entrepreneurs who are looking for royalty-free images to stock up their websites. There is an end number of reasons which can give you the motivation to justify the need for royalty-free images.

After all this, the question still stands firmly: where to get these images, which will not let you in some of the other kinds of problems. Don’t worry because we are here at the rescue, and below, we present the top site for the royalty-free image.

Top Sites for Royalty-Free Images:

  • Freerange
  • Unsplash
  • Pexels
  • Flickr
  • Life of Pix
  • StockSnap
  • Pixabay
  • Wikimedia

Let’s look through all of them in a bit detail:

Royalty-Free Images

Get yourself registered for free on this website and access thousands of high-resolution stock photos that would fetch you at no cost. Isn’t this great! All the images are available on this website for personal as well as professional work.

The excellent news Freerange also offers Google AdSense revenue, which means whenever you share any photographer’s work, you get paid for it. Besides, these websites also have lakhs of pictures with proper keywords and descriptions.

Stock images for free

Unsplash is an online marketing agency. It has come into existence for making your designs into a reality. It provides you copyright free stock photography, and it also showcases graphic design work, and it is fantastic.

Although Unsplash is new to this business, it is one of the best as it caters to some of the most quality images for free to its users. And, this is the primary reason why we have mentioned it on the list. Hurry now to have a glance at it if you haven’t yet.


The next name that we have on the list is pixels, which is yet another great site. It is one of the platforms which wants to help its users. It started in 2015, and till now, it has only shown a sharp rise and has emerged as one of the reputed stock photo libraries.

The best and unique thing about pixels is that it does not get you royalty-free images for its websites, but its hunts for the same from some other sites. It tries to provides its users with some of the best quality images.


It has been among the most important libraries on the internet. And, it has got some millions of high-quality images on its website. It is doubtful of you not to get what you want if you have stepped into Flickr’s domain.

It has been continually upgrading its features, and recently they have added a new feature. According to this new feature, you can directly order photo prints from Flickr, which is fantastic.

Life of Pix

It just does full justice to its name as you can spend hours and hours, and you won’t even realize by just scrolling through the pictures. An advertising agency has created it. It contains a wide variety of images, and all the photos available on this website are of high resolution. It can be on your priority list.

Last but not least, the next name that we have on this list is of Stocksnap. You all must be familiar with this name as it is quite famous. It holds thousands and thousands of high-resolution pictures in itself.

The amazing and the best part of Stocksnap is every single image available in this platform is free to use. It is just a perfect platform to go for because it is accurate.

How royalty-free images work

Not every single website that offers free needs to work out in the same manner. Some will allow you to download and make necessary changes while some may not do so. All the websites mentioned above have protection under Creative Commons CCO.

The owners of all these websites are entirely merciful as thy allow you to use the images without actually doing anything for it. Therefore, it is advisable to give the artist its credit and publicize its efforts.

Final Words

We hope to serve your purpose by this piece of writing, and also we firmly believe that now your quest for royalty-free images has come to an end.

Suppose you think that any other website that would help you do the same do mention it in the comment section below. Other than that, do not forget to drop a review and also share it with your family and friends.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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