Quantum Gravity Could Have Reverse Cause And Effect

It’s true to everyone’s knowledge that any theory of quantum gravity will cause a weird effect on time. Quantum Gravity might reverse cause and effect. Ever heard of the Schrödinger’s cat? If not let’s take a look. In Schrödinger’s cat, you trap a cat inside a box with a little quantity of radioactive substance. It’s a thought experiment in which an unfortunate cat remains simultaneously dead. And also alive until the box is opened to uncover it’s an actual state. Now let’s talk about Schrödinger’s time. A phenomenon in which one event can simultaneously be the cause. As well as the effect of another event. It seems Quantum Gravity might reverse cause and effect: Shocked Scientists.

Quantum Gravity might reverse cause and effect

A scenario like this might be unavoidable in any theory of quantum gravity. It’s an area of physics that desires to add Albert Einstein’s theory of general relativity. That explains the functioning of quantum mechanics. In a newspaper, scientists created a profile of the two by thinking about the starships.

And they are traveling near a gigantic planet whose mass slows time. The conclusion was surprising, they found out that the starships are in a state where cause creating events were reversed. Since Quantum Gravity might reverse cause and effect.  That is, one event could cause another event that happened before it. And relatively vice versa.

Pikovski’s statement


Study Co-Author Igor Pikovski added to it too. A renowned physicist at the center for Quantum science and engineering at Stevens Institute of technology. He said that one can compose this sort of situation.

Where time-related cause and effect are in a superposition of being reversed or not reversed. “This is something we can assume that will take place. But only, once we have a full theory of quantum gravity”.

The time related to quantum


In an event related to the thought experiment of Schrödinger’s cat. The viewers were asked to dream about a cat. It was inside a box with a few radioactive particles. So that if it decays it will kill the poor cat simultaneously.

By the quantum superposition principle, the state of a cat is dead or alive is equally likely. Until measured. So until someone opens the box, the cat is both dead and alive at the same time. The term superposition in quantum mechanics describes that a particle can exist in multiple positions.

At the same time similar to Schrödinger’s cat. Exactly same as Quantum Gravity might reverse cause and effect to theoretical view.

The new thought experiment


A new thought experiment was published on August 21 in the journal of Nature Communications, In this experiment, Einstein’s theory of general relativity is combined with the quantum superposition’s Theory view.

The theory of general relativity states that a mass of a gigantic object can help slow downtime. Taken to be true and measurable said Pikovski. That an astronaut orbiting the planet Earth will feel time ticking a bit faster.

Faster than his or herself back on the planet. Explains how falling into a black hole seems so unlikely but weird.

Thus if a spacecraft would travel around a massive planet. And it’s crew would feel time moving a bit slower. A bit more than would crew members of a fellow spacecraft stationed somewhere far.

If we apply some Quantum mechanics we can think about a situation. Where the planet is superpositioned nearly to and far away from the two spacecraft.

The entire concept messes up time


Explain how Quantum Gravity might reverse cause and effect. Let’s assume a superpositioned scenario of two ships A and B. Both experiencing time on different timelines. And the cause and effect would be confusing.

Let’s think of this as an experiment in which the ships are asked to do a training mission. In this, they would fire at each other and Dodge each other’s fire. The special catch is that the ships will already be aware of the time the missiles will launch so to grab their positions.

If there’s no huge object or projectile nearby tampering with the time’s flow it will be a simple exercise. On the other hand, if the massive planet were present. And the captain of the ship didn’t consider taking the slowing down of time into account. The crew might fail to dodge by being late and get destroyed.

Having the planet in superposition in near and far at the same time. It would almost be impossible to know whether the ships would be late in dodging and take each other out. Or whether they move aside at the right time and survive.

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Cause and effect could be reversed


As Pikovski stated, Imagine two events 1 and 2 that are causally related. 1 and 2 can influence each other. But in one case 1 comes before 2, while in the other case 2 is before 1 in a superposition state.

Pikovski added more. That tells us 1 and 2 are simultaneously the cause and effect of each other. If you backtrack that, it also shows how logical circuits simulate in real-time with effect from 0 and 1 states, being their own cause.

Last words

Let’s be real. Planets don’t move around the Galaxies. But the idea of a thought experiments with the help of which we can have practical conclusions. Mostly on quantum computing even without using an entire theory of quantum gravity.

As it might be true, Quantum Gravity might reverse cause and effect. Pikovski also added that with the help of superpositions in computations a quantum computer can do a lot more. It can deal with complex computations more efficiently using this phenomenon.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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