Top 8 Popular OTT Platforms To Watch Out For In 2021

There was a time when Televisions were the primary source of entertainment and people gathered around to watch shows and movies, and we had to be present at the right time, but now with OTT platforms, we can enjoy Tv shows, movies, web series, and many more anywhere and at any time we like. OTT platforms have taken huge strides, and now in India’s regional field, here are some OTT platforms to watch out for in 2021.


Hoichoi is one of the largest regional OTT platforms in our nation. SVF Entertainment Pvt Ltd owns it and launched it on the 20th of September, 2017. It has taken some huge strides in the Bengali on-demand video streaming platform. You can use Hoichoi app on any device as it is compatible all major platforms like Android iOS and Smart TVs

It caters mostly to the 8% Bengali speaking population of India, but as it provides English subtitles, its popularity has grown among the non-Bengali speaking people as well. Hoichoi has 3000 hours of shows and has around 13 million users. It is mostly used in India, but it has also gained popularity in Bangladesh, the UAE, and many other countries worldwide.

Subscription plans:  

  • 12 months = Rs. 399
  • 6 months =Rs 249
  • 3 months = Rs 149

Alt Balaji

Alt Balaji is owned by Balaji telefilms Ltd. Which was started on the 16th of April, 2017. the Famous Indian television producer Ekta Kapoor is the founder of ALT Balaji. It has one of the largest collections for regional movies and shows. It has original shows in Hindi and other vernacular languages like Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam Gujarati, and many other languages.

Although there has been controversy regarding some scenes in Alt Balaji originals, the OTT media platform has gained popularity thanks to its steamy and mature content, which the viewers tend to enjoy. It is an ad-free subscription-based platform.

Subscription plans:

  • 3 months = Rs 100
  • 6months = Rs 180
  • 12 months = Rs 300


Zee5 is an Indian OTT media service that is owned by Zee enterprises, which was opened on the 14th of February 2018. It has over 100000+ hours of tv shows, movies including original and international content. Zee5 also contains shows which are part of the Zee network, so you can watch your favourite Tv shows that were famous on television before OTT platforms gained their popularity.

It is the hub for many Bollywood fanatics as it has a vast selection of Bollywood language movies. TV shows and movies in Twelve different languages, including English, Bhojpuri, Punjabi, Oriya, and such, are not available on all regional OTT platforms. There is also a mobile application of Zee5 that is compatible with all android and iOS devices and in your smart Tv.

It has 56million users; It has ads to support the platform while providing free content to the viewers, but you have to pay for an ad-free experience.

Subscription plans:

  • 1month= Rs 99
  • 6months = Rs 599
  • 12 months = Rs 999


Sun NXT is owned by the Sun TV network, and it was launched in June 2017. It offers its content in four different languages – Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Malayalam. Sun NXT has also added Bengali content and plans on adding shows from other regions. It has 4000 movies and shows, and you can also enjoy tv shows related to the Sun Tv network.

With time we have seen that the south Indian cinema has gained a lot of popularity and will be a competitor of Bollywood. The beautiful storyline and acting have attracted many fans, and this has also helped sun tv with more users interested in South Indian movies.

Sun tv has 25 million users, and it is available in many other countries like the U.S.A, Canada, and other European countries. It is available on android and iOS devices.

Subscription plans: 

  • 1 month= Rs 50
  • 6months = Rs 130
  • 12 months = Rs. 490


Voot is owned by Viacom 18, and it was launched in March 2016. It has gained popularity among the Indian audience because of its original shows and shows from MTV, colors, and nickelodeon. They are available in many languages, including Marathi, Bengali, Gujarati, Tamil, etc.

Voot can be used only in India, which has limited its popularity. It has a paid subscription service that allows the paid users to enjoy original shows ad-free and stream Tv shows a day ahead of the Television timings.

Subscription plans:

  • 1 month= Rs 99
  • 12 months = Rs 999

Mx player

Mx player was developed by MX media & entertainment. It was initially just a video player application, but in February 2019, it was relaunched as an OTT platform. MX Plaer has over 280 million active users worldwide and 150000 hours of streaming library in 12 different languages like Kannada, Bhojpuri, Tamil, etc. It is available for use on all android and iOS devices.

MX Plaer serves in many countries worldwide and offers HD streaming quality. It is a free video streaming application, and the advertisements support the application. It has the latest movies and shows available there.

Amazon prime video

Amazon prime video is owned by the famous American multinational technology company Amazon Inc. It might not be an Indian OTT platform, but it has a fair share of Indian regional shows and movies as it provides original content and hosts content from other providers. Amazon Prime also includes sporting events. It is a subscription-based platform.

Prime is well known for its English content, and it is one of the most famous OTT platforms in India, but with the rise in demand for regional shows, we can see it in the market for more shows in regional languages and one OTT to watch out for in 2021. It has movies and shows in many regional languages like Tamil, Telegu, Marathi, etc.

Subscription plans:

  • 1 month= Rs 129
  • 12 months = Rs 999

Disney+ Hotstar

Disney+ Hotstar is popularly known for streaming sports in India, but we cannot underestimate the number of regional shows and movies that it has in its collection. The Walt Disney Company India owns it, and it is a subscription-based OTT platform.

It has 300 million+ active users. It has shows and movies in many regional languages like Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, and Bengali and its original content. With the rise in popularity or regional shows, we will see more languages on this platform. Hotstar provides its services in cheap but high quality.

Subscription plans:

  • VIP plan: Rs 399/year
  • Premium plan: Rs 1499/year

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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