Orkut founder launches the new social network “Hello Network”. Trying to hack your interest

Hello Network, the new social networking app from Orkut founder, let’s you discover your interests; here’s how A new app from the founder of social networking site Orkut, known as “Hello Network”, will let you discover posts and content on the basis of your interests. You can discover and share posts among users with common interests. It is totally different from other social media platforms. All social media platforms display posts and feeds to the users from connected friends and relevant posts. But, Hello network is meant to just display relevant posts from buddies on the basis of common interests or hobbies. In India, the app is available on Google Play Store and App Store as an unreleased version. It is announced to be released in May. Currently, app may be in beta or development mode or may be unstable. This app is currently available in 12 countries with a support of 5 languages including English, French, Hindi, Portuguese and Spanish.

Why Hello?

The world of Social Media was filled with apps and networks that just displayed posts and feeds from friends, related posts and ad posts. Hello Network emerged with a new concept of displaying posts from friends having common interests. As we grow, our interests and hobbies change. And it is very common for a human to notice a change in his/her inrerest all of a sudden. But, none of the social media platforms provide users with feeds on the basis of his/her current interest.


Getting Started

To get started with Hello Network, users have to create a profile with your photo, location, first name, last name, gender, date of birth and languages. Then, users are provided with hundreds of interests or hobbies to select. User need to select at least five hobbies or ‘personas’ as termed by the company. You can go with interests such as ‘Animal Lover’, ‘Baseball Fan’, ‘Golf Fan’, ‘Chef’, ‘Artist’, etc. You cannot opt for more than 5 personas. Selecting more than 5 personas will display a message as “Persona Slots Full”. Based on the country, some personas arr added for India such as ‘Cricket’ and ‘Bollywood’. This app has added support for country codes and regional languages.


Overall, Hello Network is not for everyone who just keeps scrorlling through random feeds. It is designed in a way that provides content of common interests from other people. The founders of the app are really smart. They have limited personas to be selected up to ‘five’. According to them, when users opt for more than five personas, they fail to opt for one they really care. The app is really specific and it provides support to change personas whenever you want.


When any user on Hello Network posts a content, they tag personas. With these personas, all the content on network remains organized and interest-specific. So, any user on app can discover posts related to his/her selected personas. Also, all the content on this network are searchable.

UI (User Interface)

On Hello Network, you can directly send request to friends on your folio, invite your contacts or grant permission to the app to directly invite all your contacts. The UI is pretty simple. All the important tabs are aligned right to the top and to switch from profile to messages, communities, folio or notifications, you can swipe right or left. Swiping down will allow you to discover posts. Liking and commenting features are also added in it. A chat window allows you to message anyone.



The app has added points to be gained by the users. These points are termed as ‘Karma’. These ‘Karma’ points are earned when you get popular with likes and comments on your posts. Challenges are added to earn ‘Karma’. Achievements of these challenges will gain you ‘Karma’ points.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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