7 Most Popular Operating System for Hackers in 2020

Hacking is modern art and knowledge of which makes you an artist. But to practice art, you need a canvas. To practice this digital art of hacking, you will need an Operating system for hackers designed with tools to practice hacking as your canvas.

But which is the best operating system for Hackers to practicing ethical hacking? Where to find the best tools which will help in practicing hacking?

Here is an attempt to answer the above questions:

Best Operating System For Hackers:

Kali Linux

Kali Linux is a fantastic operating system applicable to people practicing ethical hacking. It features over 300 various tools dealing with the testing of high security. The operating system gets regular updates, which makes it even more applicable to practice ethical hacking.

Kali Linux is the first choice of a hacker as it comes with a lot of built-in hacking tools. Some of these are paid and some are for free. However, Kali Linux itself is a free operating system.


Backtrack is another popular operating system that is a result of years of research. It allows ethical hackers to practice their skills and learn every nook and corner of hacking. The users of the backtrack are given various security-related toolset.

Basically, Backtrack was a result of the fusion of two competing distributions, which focused on penetration testing: WHAX and Auditor Security Collection.

Backtrack has been a part of Kali Linux since 2013.

Backbox Linux

Backbox Linux is another excellent choice for all the ethical hackers as it has a complete set of tools required to practice hacking on a professional level. It is an opinion based on Lena, which is fast and easy to use.

Backbox Linux keeps updating itself, which makes it even better with each update. It uses the light window manager Xfce that offers a highly customizable and well-performing system.

It comes with an exclusive set of the toolbox that allows you to analyze web applications and tests to sniffing and many more.

If you are new in ethical hacking, this power system is an excellent choice to go with.

Nodezero Linux

Nodezero Linux is another ubuntu-based distribution well known for penetration testing. It is an excellent operating system to help ethical hackers practice their skills.

It provides access to over 300 penetration testing tools. The exclusive feature of the operating system is that you, as an ethical hacker, can use it as a live system for testing.

It comes with many default applications such as Mozilla Firefox web browser, F-Spot photo manager, Rhythmbox music player, Transmission torrent downloader, Empathy multi-protocol instant messenger, and OpenOffice.org office suite.

Samurai Web Testing Framework

Samurai Web Testing Framework contains open source and free tools for testing and attacking websites, making it a perfect operating system for ethical hackers. Derived from Linux, the operating system includes tools for web pen-testing.

It is a virtual machine that is supported on VirtualBox and VMWare, specially configured for pen-testing.

In a nutshell, you can select this operating system to practice your hacking skills.


Best Operating System for hackers

While you are practicing ethical hacking, you must have tools along with skills of wifi hacking. And to practice your hand on wireless system hacking, Weakerthans will be a great choice!

The operating system is ideal for practicing wifi hacking as it contains various wireless tools that will help you a lot. It is a reliable and well maintained operating system.

Some of its popular tools are wifi attacks,

  • SQL Hacking
  • Cisco Exploitation
  • Password Cracking
  • Web Hacking
  • VoIP Hacking
  • Social Engineering
  • Information Gathering
  • Fuzzing Android Hacking
  • Networking, and creating Shells.

BlackArch Linux

BlackArch Linux is an Arch Linux- based operating system that is widely used for penetration testing. The latest update of the operating system has included 1400 tools that are absolutely worth every hacker.

You get to install tools individually or in groups, depending on the type of your need. If you are new to the operating system, you can go through its installation instructions on the homepage. For more information related to its functioning, you can visit the blog section on the website.


Pentoo is another popular operating system used for penetration testing. It is available in two forms: live CD and live USB. Pentoo brings with it an exclusive set of hacking tools that are a must for a hacker!

It includes packet injection, patched wifi drivers, GPGPU cracking software, and many other hacking tools that helps you to do a job quickly.

Final Words

Here was the list of a few prevalent operating systems that are extremely helpful for all the ethical hackers. All the operating systems come along with a set of various tools that are a must to practice ethical hacking.

Drop the name of your personal favorite operating system as an ethical hacker in the comet section below.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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